Friday 8 November 2013

On the radio and the TV

Phew ! What a day!
 Up at 6.30 so that I could meet with a reporter  from the local radio station for the early morning show. Talked aboutt he meeting tonight
Home to let the chicks out and feed them and the rabbits.
Started making my individual apple meringues. half in and the phone rings. it's the local TV reporter,  "Could he come and get a picture of the memorial ?
Yes, no prob says I. When I get back in the kitchen I smell burnt meringues. Oh B****r !
 So I take those out and put the rest in, fogetting to take a picture of the second satge before the meringue.
Fly upstairs to change my shirt which was a bit ditched now from cooking etc. The phone rings again "Can I spare a couple of minutes to complete a survey?" I very politely told her no, but maybe too politely as it took quite some time to tell her I had no time , and guess what ?! I burnt the second half of the meringues! Grrr. Now a few burnt meringues is not the end of the world, but I had already taken pictures of the first steps to show you guys and now I shall have to show a picture of burnt meringues with the middle stage missing.
 Round to the caretakers to get the keys and back to the hall. Where I meet an elderly lady who doesn't mix too much since her husband died a couple of years ago. I'm looking forward to tonight she says. I was SO pleased !
 The guy with the camera  arrives, we talk about the memorial and he says  " can I get a shot of you polishing the memorial?" Okay, I grab a tea towel and try to look as though I'm the sort of person that dusts stuff (I'm not)  I'm blabbing on about how nice it was to speak to aforementioned woman and he asks me to wait until I face the camera before talking, when he will ask me a question. I then realise ,doh, that he has a video camera. For the next ten minutes or so he has me polishing stuff, walking in and out the door to the hall and speaking directly to camera about how we came to get it etc. Thank goodness I changed my shirt!

 I wrote that yesterday, prior to icing a couple of slab cakes and setting up the hall for the re.dedication.
 I shan't bore you with the usual stuff I do wether I am organising an event, suffice to say that both D. and I and the animals managed to grab some food and we and our clothes were clean when we set off to the hall.
And I managed to forget to take a pic of the meringues !!
What a great turnout ! many local people turned up, as did a quartet of councillors and the mayor (and we didn't even ask him!). As folk came through the door several said that they had just seen me on the tele.
The raffle and sales of preserves raised over £50 for the British Legion - a representative of which attended and laid a wreath. The vicar held a (very) short service and then nearly everybody stayed for tea, cakes and a chat.
 A great night but gosh I was tired. I was in bed by eleven, which is early for me, and I even slept most of the night.
 Up earlyish to accompany D. to the hospital for some routine stuff. Home in time for lunch with one of our shared lives guys and YGD, who had come to look over some recipes and patterns with me.
 Since then I have answered the phone and emails and facebook messages which have been coming in thick and fast, just when I thought that I would be settling down to some sewing and taking a break from Civic Society stuff.
I have promised myself that I will deffo do some cake recipes and a couple of patterns for the blog tomorrow and get back to blogging about the stuff my frugal Friends  follow for!
Welcome Julie on Bloglovin !
But for now I'm off to make tea and then do NOTHING tonight
until tomorrow Dear frugellers
 Oh yes and well spotted Sandie !!! I have seen it now, all half a minute of it, with quite a lot of my left nostril.


  1. FAME! can we find you on i player?

    1. We only managed to get a very poor copy. it was on central news on thursday. NOT my finest hour !
      The radio interview was much better

  2. Well done you, your event sounds great and for a very good cause.

    1. It was most enjoyable and probably one of the most important things the society has done.

  3. ooh apple `meringues.they sound delicious. I am planning to make you carrot cake next week, that is my favourite,

    1. Good luck with the cake, though carrot cake is always popular isn't it?
      method for making the little meringue pies in next post