Friday 17 May 2024

The best laid plans.....

 Hello All

Just back from a few days in Jersey visiting my daughter who lives and works there. David and I bought our tickets in the new year, timing them so that we would be in Jersey for Liberation Day. shortly after he said that he thought he wouldn't be able to manage the journey and after the last few times when he was using a wheelchair and we had to have assistance and with his deteriorating health I was inclined to silently agree, "We'll see how you feel nearer the time" I said. Clearly, when he died in early March it was never going to happen. Everyone asked if i would go on my own, but I must confess that this feisty old bird is an absolute scardey cat when it comes to flying/ travelling and so I wasn't going to go on my own. Up steps eldest granddaughter, who bought a ticket for her three year old too and ensured I wasn't going to chicken out. So off we set to have a 4 generation get away in Jersey.

One of the issues I have about travelling is leaving this place, the chickens need to be fed, watered and let in and out. Same for the cat. The bees need keeping an eye on for swarming and the gardens and greenhouses need constant attention. Up steps the daughter of two of our dearest friends ( sadly no longer with us) who also had a small holding. This incredible woman is also an experienced gardener and a close friend of my daughters. So I have absolutely no worries when all is in her capable hands.

I made up some waterglass to preserve my excess eggs. I don't have many, but they can be put in the mixture as and when I have them. Here is a picture of a corner of my kitchen dedicated to my frugality and self sufficiency.

So here I am all prepped to get ready for the egg shortage next winter.

Yesterday I went out to the hens just after lunch to check on the egg laying as the Jackdaws have been sneaking into the chicken house and stealing eggs. All good, I collected a couple and returned after tea to lock them up for the night... Carnage! The blasted fox had been and the orchard ( which is enclosed a and suppose to be fox proof)  was strewn with feathers and a couple of headless birds! Goodness knows where the rest are. I couldn't see how he had got in nor carried the hens out. One traumatised little black hen was high up in an apple tree. I went out later when it was dark and rescued the hen and placed her in a small run, Because He will be back! I couldn't really face anymore so I came back in the house and poured myself a large scotch.   This morning only one body was left as the fox had been and cleared up after him. The little black hen is still safe.

Won't be any eggs going in the waterglass will there?!

All for now, back to planting