Saturday 2 November 2013

Back from the exhibition

Hello Again
Back from the exhibition and having rested by sore feet I'm sat back at the laptop.
Well, today was a great success. Not so much for the numbers through the door, though they were pretty good, but because of the atmosphere and what was achieved.
 People came to look at the maps, models and old pictures , then sat down for a cup of tea and some cake and then they talked   and talked   and talked. They talked to us and each other and to people they had never met before and they met old friends that they had gone to Sunday school with 70 years ago. Some looked at the exhibits with a learned eye and others with a moist one. It was wonderful. We recorded stories  -  "while I'm still breathin me duck !" corrected facts that we were unsure of and filled in gaps in our knowledge.
A couple of our members took a group on a heritage walk around our district, which has a rich industrial heritage. We are not always pretty, but we are interesting. When the walkers came back they were all ready for a cup of tea and a sit down in the warm (oh yes, and the loo!)
Tomorrow we do it again. I hope I enjoy it as much as I have today.
Oh yes! and the cake went down well too.
When I got home tonight I prepped tomorrows dinner (tea) I have made a huge lamb casserole and have the cobbler ready to put on top. Potatoes and carrots peeled, cabbage shredded. I have also weighed out the makings of a chocolate pud and some drops scones. YD will be helping out tomorrow (bless her!), so one of us will nip back to put the dinner on. When ED and family arrive they will help us to dismantle and get everything back to ours, wrap it up in plastic and put into the hay loft for safe keeping.
 Then we can sit down to a family meal.
 The fireworks are banging away outside tonight (bonfire night, dear non-UK friends) I was worried that Dixie our cat might be upset by them. (Unfortunately we don't have Annie our goat to worry about this year - she used to hate them so we would leave a radio in the goat house for her) I finally found Dixie asleep in a tray of beans I was drying. I stroked her gently, She looked up at me... and signalled "sod off!" so I guess she is okay with the fireworks this year!.
I think a cup of hot milk and an early night with a book is called for. I have a great book I am reading which is lengthy and very carefully researched . It is called "The Fatal Shore" by Robert Hughes and tells of the penal transportation system which was the precursor to origin of Australia. It is not an easy read, but truly Epic.
Goodnight dear Frugal Friends.

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  1. Glad it went well! Sounds like a great time.