Monday 18 November 2013

On the radio again

Evening All!
Firstly, Hello and welcome Blondie.
Thanks also to those who commented on my last post (toot, toot).
Had a call from the local radio station this afternoon. Can I come to the studio and talk about ... I'm actually not too sure really. Something to do with Frugality in winter/ at Christmas. Also as a smallholder how did I prepare for winter/ Christmas? So I'm not too sure is they want to talk about being a Frugal Smallholder or just frugality generally. I believe there is another guest in the discussion too.. but who? The guy asked if I could take in some produce I had grown too, just to add a touch of colour, which I am sure you will agree is pretty difficult on the radio!
So tomorrow morning I shall be setting off to Radio Derby (with my harvest festival box) I have agreed to be there for 8.30. So wish me luck!!

Below is a basket of sweet chestnuts. EGD collected them whilst walking her dog in some local woods. They are not huge, but certainly worth having. I have placed three Jonogold apples next to the basket so that Frugal in Suffolk can have a look and see if they look like hers.

 Just back from a talk on cycling across Alaska. It was presented at our canal society meeting tonight. While the link with canals isn't even tenuous, the talk was surprisingly enjoyable. D. and I made final plans re. his stints as Santa on the canal boat at Cromford. So if you have a young person who would enjoy meeting Santa on a canal boat and go for a little sail the 11th of December is fully booked, but there are still places on the 8th at 11.00 or 1.00.
Off to make a cup of tea now and a chill out for a bit. I bet I don't  sleep too well tonight thinking about tomorrow.
Until tomorrow dear Frugal Friends


  1. Ooo ... best of luck .. try and be .. colourful ..?

    Vicky x

  2. Thank you for the welcome, I really enjoyed my visit and several other blogs on a similar subject. Apart from that you make me smile, haven't had a good day but reading about you being asked to take in some of your produce to add colour made me chuckle so thank you. :0)
    Good luck for tomorrow you'll do great, enjoy your time there.

    Peg x

  3. Hope all went well at the radio station. I used to do bits on BBC radio Suffolk mostly by phone quite early - 6.30am - in the morning. I was called Smallholding Sue! Often I would still be in my nightie!

    1. And I'm still not sure about the apples!

    2. Crikey 6.30 was earlier than I have ever had to do. This is the first time I have been interviewed in the studio.
      I'm picturing you in your nightie !
      he apples are all at different stages of ripeness. I will try to get a better selection under a good light and try again!