Saturday 9 November 2013


Just posted two pictures with no explanation!
In Brief then (as I am cooking tea at the mo) The first picture is the first, and only, picture of the mini-meringues I made on thursday. This picture demonstrates how I blind bake the cases. I cut out the pastrey and line the tins. After pricking the base with a fork a couple of times I then place a paper bun case inside the pastry and fill it with dried beans and peas. ( I keep a large jar of mixed dried legumes for blind baking ) the trays go into the oven for 10 minutes and, after emptying the beans and paper out, for a further 5 mins. At his stage you can freeze the cases for another day if you want to.
next I put a good spoonful of cooked bramley apple in each pastry case before piping meringue on the top, ensuring that it buts up to the side, with no gaps for the apple to get out of. These then go into the oven for 4 mins on 200o and are turned out straight away onto a cooling rack.
Hope that all made sense, if not, it serves me right for rushing!

The next photo was taken by YD today after I took in as much as I could from the garden, before tonight's expected frost wipes out the toms, celery, squash, baby spinach and beans. I also took in the last of the bramleys and some beetroot and parsnips for tomorrows tea. The beans are the last of the drying borlotti and drying butter bean.
Back to making the chicken pie that we always have when Adam comes to stop.
 Will make a more coherent post soon!


  1. Your veggies are wonderful, I could just do with those tomatoes for some more pickle, I have to make a batch to take to Plymouth, plus a lemon meringue.... I'm under orders from my son!!

    The little pastry cases look good and nice and deep, are they difficult to get out of the tin once the meringue is cooked? Karen x

    1. So long as you have meringued up to the edge so that the apple doesn't boil out, they come out beautifully.

  2. Just had to tell you the word verification for my last comment was icybet!!

    Good job you got those veggies in.

    Stay warm x

  3. The veggies look ace as do the meringues. Keep warm tonight !


  4. Have you thought about baking your cases by turning over your tins and putting the dough on the back side of each opening. You don't have to put beans in them, and they keep their shape.

  5. As someone in their late sixties, who has been baking since a small child, that is the first time I have heard of that!! Will definitely give it a try.
    Thanks for commenting