Friday 30 October 2015

Cheaper Travel and Calico Cats

Today I drove my grandson to East Midlands Airport. He's off to stay with friends for a weekend -look out Glasgow!
He was going to go by train from Derby, but it would have cost him £122 return. To fly from East Midlands which is only another 20 miles from our house it will cost him £66 return NO BRAINER!! I cannot understand why it cost so much more to go by train. perhaps someone out there in Blogland can explain it to me.
Tomorrow he is going to a Fancy Dress Halloween party. Here he is in his fancy dress.

Last Sunday there  was an article in The Independant about calico cats. It said they were the meanest cats.

 I beg to differ. Here is my sweet Dixie...butter wouldn't melt!
I haven't been in the garden for  a few days as we have hosted exhibitions, talks and walks all this week as part of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site Discovery Days (phew what a mouthful!) this morning, in just half an hour I gathered this small haul, apart from the nuts which came from a friend.

Tomorrow I hope to have much longer in the gardens as there is so much still to harvest. I've never known a year like it for a late crops, second flushes and the like.
Yesterday David and I were on our own for the day ..most unusual!... so we went "Winter Food Shopping" We bought a goodly amount of dried foodstuffs ... flour, sugar, rice, pasta etc. I will do a winter food post soon and elaborate on how and what we lay down for winter.
Off to pour myself a small scotch before some friends of friends arrive from Canada. They are staying at our house for the weekend as we have the room and our friend's house is full. I hope they are okay with "casual"!
Take care all
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Saturday 24 October 2015

Happy (Labrador) Ending

Yes I know it's been a while and I'm sure you don't want a blow by blow account of why I have been away. Suffice to say here I am, just in time to give you  a story with a happy ending.

 In my last post I told you about a guy who was looking for a dog after he had lost his beloved Labrador. You may remember that my youngest daughter volunteers with a Labrador rescue charity. The day after that post YD was informed of an 8 year old Lab called Charlie who was looking for a forever home after the breakup of his owners relationship.
Here he is

 Today, after a couple more assessment visits and discussions Charlie met with his new daddy.
Love at first sight!

Back soon