Sunday 31 March 2019

Keep Driving Womenfolk!!!

Hello All
Here I am again. Away even longer this time, but have had quite a few plates in the air again.
In February David went for a small routine op as a day case patient. His recovery from this procedure wasn't straight  forward and he finally came home a fortnight later.! After six days at home he was very unwell again so in he went again to the Royal Derby and has just come home after a three week stay this time. So he has been in hospital for five weeks out of the last six!
Thank goodness that my job as a field Social Worker required many hours of driving each day, often up and down the country assessing appropriate residential placements. While I never came to enjoy driving I was a competent  enough driver
I have been driving backward  and forwards to the Royal  Derby plus carrying out all the other tasks that must be done by car e.g fodder rooms, vet visits, chemists, shopping and so on   I can't imagine how difficult this would be without being a driver. 
 Several of my female friends no longer drive, the major  reason seems to be that they find  the roads so busy and dangerous and also that  they are losing their confidence as divers.
I could easily have given up driving years ago as I have never enjoyed driving and my husband is an awful passenger.
"You're coming up to some lights" or
"the cars in front are stopping". he shouts.
"Thank goodness you are with me, I wouldn't have seen that " I retort, or more usually,
"No shit Sherlock!"
Bad passengers, especially spouses, can make you question your driving ability, especially as, without exception amongst my contemporaries, men are considered the better driver in a couple.
It is easy to slip into being driven around by this paragon of good driving and to drive less and less until eventually you lose all confidence in your ability to drive at all or manage the appalling traffic on our roads. Don't do it womenfolk...Keep Driving !!!

Anybody who gardens or is a small holder knows that  this is a busy time of year so I have been attempting to get things started. We made the decision not to have poddy lambs this year, which was a good decision under the circumstances.

The vegetable gardens are just about ready for  planting but one of the chickens (called Mushroom)  keeps getting into the veggie plots from the paddock - just how much free range does this hen need?! Until I find out how she is getting  in I cant plant anything. Today I went around the fencing and filled in the tiniest holes. If I don't find her scratching up my newly dug beds tomorrow I can start planting . Hurrah!
The family have been round today and have weeded, cultivated, stacked firewood and moved heavy stuff around. They have put us back on track for the late spring jobs. Brilliant ! Love 'em !!

I went to Sainsburys yesterday and it was like walking into a funeral parlour...bloody Mother's Day again!! How I dislike this mawkish, commercially driven "event"
                                                                                                                                                                     Have you noticed how wonderful the stone fruit blossom is this year ?

Just read this post through and it seems somewhat disjointed, however I am determined to publish it tonight so here goes!
Love Gillx