Sunday 16 February 2020


Hello All
Hope you in the UK are keeping safe and as dry as possible.
Another wild and windy night here with torrential rain falling on already sodden fields.  Folk down river from us have had water lapping at their back door.  Our land goes away from us and down to the river so our house is always safe.
I do wonder when we will get the veg gardens ready, every time we get some time outside it rains again and we cant walk on the soil. However, this is our way of life and not our living and I wonder how farmers are doing getting vital crops in, or indeed not having them washed away.
Mind you, I have been busy in the greenhouse starting seeds off in trays and propagators, so there are always reasons to feel hopeful here.

I had quite a few different subjects to discuss today but am going to go off piste to make a point about the possible outcomes from the sad suicide of Caroline Flack.  Too much to write here to explain, so if you don't know who she is and what has been happening please have a Google.

There are many facets to this story and who knows what might come to light over the next few days. I see that the CPS are coming in for much of the blame.  The CPS have been pursuing the case despite both Caroline and her partner saying they did not want it pursued. It is thought that this has contributed to Caroline's distress and I am sure that this is so.
 However, I have some experience of working with cases of domestic violence and know that the CPS pursuing cases against abusers has SAVED many lives. It is extremely common for victims of domestic violence to withdraw their complaints against their abusive partners. This can happen time and again, with abuse escalating and often leading to the victim being killed. My concern is that the CPS will be put under pressure not to pursue cases where victims are vulnerable to continued abuse. I understand that Caroline hit her partner  with a heavy object while he slept, which could have killed him I suppose, which is actually a serious offence as she was neither defending herself nor in fear of her own life. I suspect this poor woman has fragile mental health, which led to this offence of assault.

Away for a couple of months and here I am back again , sticking my head above the parapet, with a post that is in no way cosy nor frugal!

Back soon