Monday 4 November 2013

My Carrot Cake recipe

Great weekend, but gosh I'm tired! The maps and pictures from the the exhibition would normally be covered in polythene and packed away. However we are hosting a re-dedication evening for the village war memorial on Thursday and as many older people will be attending we have decided to put some of the smaller exhibits that contain old photographs around the room to be enjoyed.
Today I caught up on the washing and put as much as I could on the line as rain is forecast and then it will be a touch of of the widow twankeys all over the house.
I managed to strip about twenty of the bean plants, yet again before the rain. Picking beans in (or indeed after) the rain is THE wettest experience, from all angles. Today all the french beans came down and most of the Borlottis with help from EGD. There were few worth eating green but plenty for drying, so there are even more trays around the house.
 Tomorrow I start to bake for Thursday evening. So it will be carrot cake day.
I know everybody has a recipe, but hey ho here is mine and I shall reduce it to one cake's worth ,I usually bake in industrial quantities. So for a 9 or 10 inch diameter tin....
mix together
9 ounces SR flour  - half and half wholemeal and white is good but not essential
9 ounces sugar  - white will do
2 tablespoons cinnamon
pinch of salt
 then add
200 ml oil - rapeseed, corn or vegetable - whichever is cheapest
4 loosely beaten eggs
  stir and then add
 9 ounces grated carrots

If you wish you could add walnuts or sultanas at this stage. I don't do this as I am usually baking for others and adding too many ingredients reduces the numbers of people who can, or want to, eat this cake.

 Pour into a greased and lined cake tin and bake at 180 for 35mins. (or until it springs back when pressed gently)

This cake is good just like this, but is traditionally iced with cream cheese.  Which I don't do!  No surprise there then! As you will have noticed I use oil for this cake and so I continue the no-milk product and make a simple icing made with icing sugar and the grated rind and juice of a large orange. Spread this fairly thinly over the top only, which is sufficient and makes it easier to eat.
This is not an expensive cake to make especially if it is kept simple.

I have started on a couple of Christmas presents today, just to relax. I can't say what they are because we always keep our gifts a surprise. As I finish them I will try to remember to take a photograph to show you after Christmas. Also did the final planning with EGD for the presents she is making. I have just realised that I have used the "C" word twice now. oooh er! Must be getting closer.
 If anyone is interested I will put up the recipes for the rest of the cakes as I make them.
A huge welcome to my new Blog lovin followers, I hope you are enjoying following my somewhat rambling blog.
Until next time,  night, night dear Frugellers


  1. I am always happy to see someone elses cake recipes, I keep my carrot cake simple as well. We like walnuts or pecans so I just add them to the icing ( much the same as your btw). You do not need as many to get the full flavour so it keeps the cost down. We like a fairly dark cake so if I use white sugar I sieve a touch of cocoa in with the flour.

    1. Good idea re. the cocoa powder. Demerara is so much dearer than white granulated that I don't feel I can justify it unless it is absolutely essential to the cake.
      I don't buy castor sugar either, if it needs to be finer I just put it in the food processor for a minute.

  2. Lots of recipes add other things to carrot cake, but as you say I've never seen the point of putting in sultanas or nuts because it turns it into something different.

  3. None of my daughter's family like dried fruits and so I rarely add them to flapjacks either. The only time I would add nuts would be if I was making them for someone who needed the extra protein.