Thursday 27 June 2019

Back to my blog

Hello All.
I promise not to apologise for being a tardy blogger as I seem to do that every time!
I see that it is THREE MONTHS since I wrote anything and I'm afraid I haven't been reading other blogs either. I think I miss reading blogs more than writing them.
Sooo I hope you are all okay out there in blogland. We are very well here, with David getting over some of the health issues that have plagued him for the past year. He has had many more visits to the Derby Royal (and many more to come no doubt) with some positive outcomes . So On On..
Less fortunate has been our dear rescue dog Sammie who had to be helped to suffer no more by the vet six weeks ago Sammie was rescued by our youngest daughter but came to us for doggie day care and frolics with his doggie cousins at the weekends. Youngest daughter took up a new job in Jersey in January and Sammie came to live with us. Sammie was initially fostered by YD but his problems were such that he would have been a difficult dog for adoption so he stayed with her. That was 6 years ago when he was ten. Sammie is the smaller black lab on my header. The larger Lab Jed died two years ago . I guess it is time I updated that header!
More unexpected was to find Percy the parrot dead in his cage a couple of weeks ago. Percy was approximately 35 years old, we are not too sure as we didn't have him from a baby. It seems strange not to have him in my snug, ringing his bell loudly at a particularly important part of a programme, answering the phone with an Halooo and telling David I had burnt something by doing his fire alarm noise for several hours after the incident!.He had quite a sense of humour too. If a strange dog came into the room  he would say in a sexy voice " Hello. come on come come on" Whereupon the sucker of a dog would approach the cage to have his nose nipped  by Percy if he wasn't quick enough!
We are on countdown to our big family party on the 13th July. We are going for gold this year, to celebrate David still being with us and our granddaughter's (Young quilter, Weave) engagement. We have planned some surprises too. As we expect around 250 to 300 people we are having a mass tidy up to make room for extra tents and cars. I hope to find out how to do a video of the place while it is tidy, (not its normal state!) If I do I will I will put it up for a "conducted tour". There will still be corners of shame, but its a smallholding for goodness sake, where pallets and baling twine and things that "might come in useful one day" abound.
So, I have broken my duck and am back to a spot of blogging at last. Off to read some of my faves now.
Thanks for sticking around