Saturday 16 March 2013

Linking to another blog and feeling poorly

Kath from Hillside House has sent me a little tutorial on how to link to another blog. Thanks for that Kath. Here is my first go at it using kath's blog, which is definitely worth a visit.

While I'm here I have to say I'm not feeling too well tonight - and I am never unwell. Hope I feel better tomorrow as Adam one of our Shared Lives Guys is here for the weekend and we are also supporting a  group of volunteers who are working on "our"  stretch  of canal. I promised Adam he could come shopping with me to Sainsburys tomorrow morning ( yes I know I spoil these guys!! - but he loves coming shopping with me) All I have managed today is to make and freeze the bread for my challenge, sow some carrots before a deluge drove us in and rustle up Adam's favourite tea (chicken pie) Fortunately Adam was happy with D. today, visiting the canal volunteers, stacking wood for our fire and --Joy of Joy for Adam --feeding the field kitchen fire in the workshop with the gash wood.
Enough for now off for a shower to see if that makes me feel better.
PS I forgot to put milk and margarine on my earlier shopping list
PPS Thanks again Kath

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  1. Hey you did it :-D

    Poor you, feeling poorly, this chilly weather doesn't help. Maybe an early night and a hot water bottle will have you on the road to recovery xx