Friday 8 March 2013

Leftovers - Part 2 - can you tell what it is yet ?!

Here are the left over veg all prepped and sorted. I thought I had lots of potatoes but I was wrong - I had one kilo, which was just  enough. I also added two onions and one bulb of garlic
 from 11 o'clock and clockwise - garlic butter, half the fresh tomato, all the odds and sods of ends of veg after prepping  finished, with added tinned tomato, mushroom and garlic.. A jug of veg stock made from cooking said veg and blanching others, a dish of sliced blanched potato and onion, a saucepan of mashed potato, sliced and blanched potato/swede/carrot/parsnip, shredded, carrot, cabbage and onion and a plate of sliced leek, tomato and mushroom. In the centre is a dish of cooked mixed vegetables and a plate of cooked shredded cabbage and onion. ( the pot is a jar of "Glutney Chutney". so.......
CAN YOU TELL WHAT IT IS YET ?! ( with homage to Rolf Harris)

I made some shortcrust pastry ( pound flour/ half fat to flour) and halved it.
I rolled out half and put it onto a baking tray -  as it will be lifted off the tray when cooked I lined the tray with baking foil to help lift it without breaking.
 I spread half the garlic butter in the middle of the pastry and proceeded to place the different veg on in layers. I tried to arrange the layers so that colours contrasted. In this slice I used (and in this order) garlic Butter, parsnip, leeks, carrots, potato, swede, tomato, leeks and then dollops of chutney. Next time I could use something entirely different obviously. it's whatever you have to hand. I then cut the pastry a couple of inches towards the base and with egg mixed with milk to seal and make it shiny I pulled the pastry over the top. ( I kept the remaining egg/ milk mix)
The slice went into the oven at 180 for 45mins.

I lined a pie dish with the remaining pastry and layered potato slices, onion slices, dobs of garlic butter and a sprinkling of grated cheese ( sorry, didn't tell you that I also had some grated cheese left over from lunch) I then sprinkled some dry parsley over the top and poured over the remaining milk and egg mix.
This pie went into the oven at the same time and  temperature as the slice .

I mixed three large spoonfuls of mashed potato with the plate of cooked slice cabbage and onion, adding pepper and formed this mix into two patties

I covered the cooked mixed vegetables with  the cheese sauce (warmed in the microwave) and then covered this with mashed potato. I then placed sliced tomato and a sparse sprinkling of cheese on top of this.

I blitzed the odds and sods, garlic, mushrooms and tinned tomato in the blender ( not too smooth) and mixed this with the homemade tomato soup. To this I added some dried basil, salt and pepper. I cooked this to boiling in the microwave.

I added mayonnaise , a little salad cream and white pepper to the shredded cabbage, carrot and onion.

Miscellaneous  Bye products of the process !!
A jug of Veg stock, cabbage, carrot etc peelings for the rabbits and,  also for the rabbits  -  I cooked the potato peelings in an old bread bag in the microwave. They LOVE them!! (never raw)                          

 SO - yet again, clockwise from 11 o'clock - Bolognaise Sauce; Cheese and vegetable Pie; Vegetable Stock; Homity Pie; Vegetable slice; Coleslaw and in the middle a couple of Bubble and Squeak patties 

 I reckon that's enough for today -  it took longer to write about it than do it ! Off to do a tad of housework, before I can treat myself to some sewing.
Hope you managed to bear with me through this. I probably forgot some vital step... just let me know. 
Bye for now
PS  Welcome Caroline !


  1. Taking my hat off to you - fantastic, frugal and totally delish, if I did nt live four thousand miles away I d stop in for dinner.........
    Using leftovers is the path to frugality - love that the rabbits got the last little bits.
    Totally love your blog too. Solid, solid achievement on the frugal front...

    1. Thanks for that Lizzie. I reckon I should put some rabbit recipes up too and ask for other's recipes. Waht do you think?

  2. Wow! How awesome!

    I really want to learn how to make bubble and squeak patties. I think my husband would love them.

    Everything looks great. Wonderful way to avoid waste and the rabbits benefited too. Can't beat that.

    1. Bubble and squeak can have all sorts of veg in it, but the classic recipe calls for mashed potato ( don't cream it too much, needs to be fairly dry) and shredded cooked cabbage or brussels mixed together and then fried in a little fat - classic is dripping but not everybody has this. I usually add a little chopped onion too. You can either make patties or cover the pan with one large "cake". When browned turn over and brown the other side. I usually make extra mash potato and cabbage on purpose on sunday so that we can have bubble and squeak on monday or tuesday. Quick and easy and goes with most things.