Saturday 23 March 2013

Latest on Frugal challenge and a new fish recipe

Here's a quick run down on the challenge.
Thursday  -  I had porridge for breakfast,  cheese cob for lunch,  Lentil burgers and potato wedges ( one potato, oils salt and pepper and garlic granules) for evening meal
Friday   -  Porridge or breakfast, lentil soup for lunch. Bubble and squeak, an egg and a third of a tin of baked beans for evening meal
Saturday  -  porridge for breakfast, boiled egg for lunch. Jacket potato, coleslaw and cheese for evening meal.
As ED, her husband and daughter were here for evening meal I also tried out a fish recipe on them and D. I'm always looking for new ways to cook fish, especially Ling, which is a favourite of ours that D. catches on rod and line off the coast of Cornwall. I mixed a paste of plain yoghurt ( Sainsburys cheapest) gram masala and salt. Using  3 pieces, I drizzled a little oil onto 3 sheets of greaseproof paper.  I spread the yoghurt mix onto the top and bottom of each piece, laid a few pieces of thinly sliced onion on top and wrapped the parcels up and tied them with string. ( I also wrapped up an unspiced piece for granddaughter) I placed these on a baking tray for 20 minutes. Everybody liked fish cooked this way. This was just a taster and D. said he would liked them served with rice as a main meal. I was really pleased with  the results.

The hens are really struggling with this snow and needing extra food as there in no forage for them. ( Okay ! joke over! Where's spring?!)
Early night for me - well 11 o'clock is early for me! So goodnight all and welcome to Lisamaywalters.


  1. Sounds lovely, I do like fish. It would be wonderful to eat it that fresh!

    Hens- yes Dils hens nave scratched their paddock bare and we are digging up weeds and saving our peelings for them so that can have a bit of "green stuff".

  2. First day of spring today ? Complete white out piffle !!!!!
    I'm trying to introduce more veggie meals here at No. 5 and have just made a red lentil and veg curry fir tonight with baked onion bhajia. Fish however is my craving. Never had ling in the uk only abroad ? Hake for us however is planned this week. Keep sharing your recipes Gill you keep inspiring me. Take care x