Wednesday 27 March 2013

Cade Lambs

Was going to update on the challenge tonight and discuss how to get ahead with the seed sowing even though we can't touch the gardens because of the snow ( which means it will be 2 weeks probably before we can stand on the soil)
 HOWEVER... The best laid plans as they say.. So tonight I have been collecting 4 orphan lambs.. Normally they would go out into the barn , but the temperature is so low and the wind cruel . SO they are inside .........." No S***!"  I hear my family cry, as they are used to having lambs under their feet in the house, climbing on their beds and weeing on their duvets and the like.
Eldest Granddaughter sourced the lambs, but had to work late, so Grandson came with me to fetch them, in the pitch black to a farm in the middle of nowhere, with no outside lights.. Your'e getting the message now. and yes,  I LOVED IT!
They will all have a name beginning with "S". There are( I think) three girls and a boy ( called Shaun ) So pictures here  tomorrow. If I know my grandkids they are probably uploading pictures onto facebook as I write!
Off to work out the measurements for the milk powder now
Goodnight All

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