Friday 8 March 2013

Leftovers - Part 1

Here is a picture of the left overs from this week. I have been extremely busy this week ( hence no posts!) and usually use stuff up as I go along. That hasn't happened this week and so I need to see what I can do with these bits and pieces. In bowls there is a tinned tomato, some left over home made tomato soup, a few spoons of cheese sauce and some cooked vegetables ( carrots, swede, brussels and cauliflower)  The cabbage was given to me by a friend for my rabbits ( there will be some left for them I'm sure!)
The mushrooms were a real bargain. I gave someone a lift to Asda, which is not a shop I use as it is too far away. While he was in the opticians next door,I went into the store for dog food for Prickly Pete. The mushrooms were marked down from £2.64 per kilo to 25p per kilo. There were two bags, one cost 12p and the other 9p ! I bought both of course and gave one to my eldest granddaughter who is extremely fond of the little creatures ( I don't like them too much, but D does)
I have plenty of onions, garlic, squash and potatoes in store so I reckon I should be able to make a couple of meals from this lot.

I'll post later with the results. Please join me later.
Bye for now    ...Gill

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  1. I read a book one day that called a meal of bits CORD -- as in "clean out refrigerator day." I always think of that when I make soup. Can't wait to see what use you put them to.