Tuesday 12 March 2013

Just dropping by

 Here is a picture from Youngest Grandaughter. Isn't she happy ?! This lucky girl is sat atop her own pony. She had a very bad fall from a pony last year and has worked hard to overcome her nervousness since. I'm pleased to say that she is now doing very well, achieving small jumps and cantering like a good one. I'm so proud of her.

The Frugal Graduate is looking at living on a pound a day. ( I wish I knew how to do you a link to her page - perhaps my daughter will show me) This young woman is a credit to her generation and I really enjoy her blog. I think it is possible to live on a pound a day with careful planning. The difficult thing is to have a varied and interesting diet on a pound a day! I also believe that there should be an assumption of a small stock cupboard to support this. I have been giving this some thought  -  a lot of thought actually - hardly slept last night thinking about it ! (I'm like that, not a good sleeper) So I'm going to have a go at doing a month's menu of  meals at a pound a day...watch this space!

My resolution to make a present a month is coming along nicely. I was going to take pictures, but realised that the recipients might read my blog and the surprise would be spoilt. So I shall take pictures as I go along and show the stuff I make for those I know won't read the blog!
I rather fancy making one of those large loose knit "snood"-type things that young women wear.  Has anybody got a pattern or instructions for one?

The chickens and I thought that the weather was improving, but the temperature has fallen, as has the snow!. As I said in an earlier blog the girls hate the bad weather and today took industrial action ! here they are crowding into the kitchen in protest at the temperature outside.  Bye for now...Gill


  1. Ha ... can't blame the chickens ... bitterly cold here too.
    Pound a day .. thats a challenge.

    Vicky x

  2. What a super little girl !
    So funny to see the chickens in the kitchen. I shall look forward to your quid a day menus.
    I love Frugal Graduate - I think she will have a brilliant life, she is so bright hard- working and practical.