Sunday 17 March 2013

frugal Month - Part 2 - Ingredients

  So here we are and ready to go !!
First Pic is of the bread I made yesterday and put in the freezer the minute it was cold. I'm hoping this is enough for the month for one person ( but not totally convinced) This batch was made with  bread flour, yeast and oil from Lidl and the cost was £1.17., including salt too.
 The second Pic is of the grocery shopping, mostly from Lidl, with the exception of the salad cream, gravy browning and bacon pieces, which were from Sainsburys and the potatoes  onions and cabbage which were from the greengrocers.
 I couldn't bring myself to buy eggs when I have such beautiful fresh ones from my girls, so I am using my own and have put the money I would have paid into the hen's food fund!
So here goes, starting tomorrow, will see how I go with what is starting to look like a b****y silly idea !!(cold feet)



  1. I am well impressed with your egg production! We have four rather elderly ex battery hens who still give us about 10 eggs a week and we are looking to get a few more once it warms up a bit. How many hens do you have?

    1. We have about 40 hens and 5 cockerels now. We only have one rescue left, she is 6 years old and still laying, but looking a little tired at the moment. I am sure some sun and warmth will help her pick up a bit. When the hens are laying well, they pay for themselves ( and the rabbits and the parrot!)This has to be put against the winter when they eat us out of house an home with hardly any eggs. I have started putting the egg totals at the top of my blog.

  2. That bread is making my mouth water!

  3. OMG I would love fresh eggs but it is never going to happen so will read about yours.
    Made a huge pot of veggie soup; cost about $5 and will yield about eight dinners. Lots of leeks, lentils, carrots, celery, swede, parsnips, parsley potatoes and sweet potatoes. I also put a can of chick peas in.
    SO filling and delish.
    So funny about your cold feet (but we will all benefit from it) :)