Wednesday 2 January 2013

Talk about the best laid plans !! I was going to clean my propagators and our smaller greenhouse today in readiness for the early onion and tomato seed. However, I have spent much of the day on the phone to the local radio station who wanted comments about a nearby bridge being hit by lorries. As the secretary of the local Civic Society who opposed the demolition of another old bridge for several reasons, not the least of which is that it would make other bridges vulnerable from strikes, the local rag wanted me to say " We told you so!" They now want me to be interviewed at the site of the bridge and " Can you make 7.20 tomorrow morning?"
  Then there is a foster dog !! My daughter had agreed to foster a dog for a few weeks while it was found  a new home. Having lost her old girl earlier this year (and coming from a family that fosters humans !) she said she would take care of the dog for a while, so long as it was good with cats (she has four) and 9month old puppy (her grown up daughters') "No problem" they said. This lovely dog HATES cats and attacks puppies ! and it really is a lovely dog, good with humans and fine so long as not on a lead. So for now it is having to live with us until it can be rehomed. Fortunately we have a big enough house for Rocky to have his own quarters. We too have a cat and several dozen hens, 6 rabbits and 2 sheep so the poor blighter cannot run free as would be kindest. The rescue charity are finding the "forever" home asap.
  In between times I managed to get some bread baked and half-organised the huge box of assorted patterns from the sewing room while stuck inside, but I reckon it will be an  early night for me ( that is 11 instead of 12!)
 Must watch David  Attenborough's  "Africa" tonight.


  1. You re very busy. I hope that we get David Attenborough s Africa here in the States but we are getting the third season of Downton starting next Sunday, it has really taking everyone by storm here.
    I dont start my seedlings until March, except my lettuce which I sew as soon as the snow is gone. Our last frost date is 15th May but I might try a mini polytunnel this year.
    Hope the dog is re-homed soon !

  2. The majority of our seedlings aren't started until April. I'm lucky enough to have large greenhouse too and succession sow different types of tomato, which gives me fruit from June until November. I have a small radiator I can put on if we get a late frost, tho' usually the plants are are small enough to cover with fleece or bubble wrap. Another way we keep the temperature up is to fill a large tub with grass cutting, which ferment at a high temperature or build a run at one end for rabbits, which also give off heat !
    There was some exceptional footage in the "Africa" programme last night.
    the dog is really lovely and with time could be taught manners with cats I'm sure. I understand that the rescue might have a forever home lined up already, fingers crossed for him.
    The last episode of latest series of Downton was screened on Christmas Day here.