Wednesday 9 January 2013

Sat in my kitchen with a reporter from the local radio station ! " We've been reading your blog, can I come and talk to you? we think people would be interested"
  It has been a pleasure to have this young woman here. She has recently started knitting (using a u-tube tutorial - what a good idea!) and is clearly interested in living carefully. Have to go out now, but will get back to this blog later.


  1. Thats wonderful - I know many people would be interested in reading this blog - you have a rich life with a wide variety of interests......I hope you keep on with it !

    1. Thanks for that Lizzie. I suppose most people would feel the same if asked to talk about how you lived. it's quite a different matter writing a blog, sort of more personal and you have time to moderate what you are saying before anyone sees it! Anyway we will have to see how it comes out. I am pleased that my husband was around to chip in too. I think we are in alone tonight so I hope to write something then . Gill