Sunday 30 December 2012

Just back from Lidl. They have large mushrooms (250gms) for 42 pence and Branston baked Beans for £1....Bargain !
Just getting ready for the family to descend for the afternoon, and then we are out tonight so not a lot of time to sit at my computer. I do, however, have to find time to write the New Years' message to the members of the Civic Society (I'm the secretary). Most of the members have the internet, but I have to print out and hand deliver for those that don't. These members are all quite elderly and always seem to be sitting at their window  as I approach the letter box ! So I have to allow  at least two hours to deliver 6 letters in the village ! At least I can check all is well and see if they need anything. I will go tomorrow morning before B one of our Shared Lives guys arrives in time for lunch.
Will dig up some Jerusalem Artichokes today. If anybody has recipes they want to share re. these I'd love to see them as it is good to ring the changes. Also if you live in England and would like a root I'd be happy to send one to you. The tops make good rabbit/goat food and if left to flower produce a spray of blooms like small sunflowers/helianthus. They grow extremely tall and are a good windbreak throughout the summer/autumn. Oh and yes they are not called "Fartichokes" for nothing!
 Am recycling  some shelves into my sewing room/spare bedroom tomorrow. I have taken a picture of this room as it  is now and will take a picture when I have finished - as soon as I find out how to do that !
Also need to find a picture of me to put on this blog. ( NOT a pretty sight) perhaps one of my daughters will take one today.


  1. Jerusalem artichokes are one of the few things I have never grown or cooked - I like globe artichokes but find them quite a lot of work for not much reward.
    The ground here in Chicago is quite frozen and I sometimes leave leeks to overwinter and the following year get the most glorious purple flowers that the bees love.
    I have six raised beds and use the square foot gardening method, grow all my own herbs and lettuce and enough tomatoes to last all year. I really want to try potatoes next year. I grow zinnias in one bed, they are lovely for cut flowers and dont get blown over in our high summer storms. I love Seed of Change seeds, never had a disappointment with them. I raise all my own seedlings, no need for grow lights I just use a cool strip light.
    We dont have Lidl here but we do have Aldi which is practically the same (I was born in the U.K. and have lived here for 30 years and frequently travel back)

    1. Sounds like you know your gardening. Leeks are so good natured aren't they ?
      I grow few potatoes, as they are such a magnet for blight,( a real problem here) which decimates the valuable tomato crop. I have recently found a virtually blight free potato ( Sarpo Mira) which I grow a few tubers of and also a Pink Fir Apple potato which I grow in Tonne Bags. I see you grow enough tomatoes for the year.. brilliant ! so useful.
      I too grow my own seed as much as possible and will no doubt bore everyone in frugal blogland with my obsession with different types of beans (I grow 9 different types ), their use and how to preserve them !
      I grow organically and also like seeds of change.
      Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. Gill