Thursday 17 January 2013

Annie and Dixie and lemon curd

I thought you might like to see my two favourite animals. Unfortunately Annie our goat died just before Christmas, but her presence is still felt here. As you can see she was a great character and even though she couldn't see me she knew I was there.
The beautiful cat is Dixie who completely rules the house and land. She is a great mouser, who I'm pleased to say doesn't play with her prey, but dispatches them pretty quickly. She rarely catches birds but does bring in young wild rabbits that she always takes to the bathroom to eat !! Getting rabbits through the catflap can  be a challenge- which she always wins. When she is not terrorising the local wildlife she sleeps wherever she pleases and eats copious amount of cat food. She has recently had her nose put out by Prickly Pete, who also likes cat food! Dixie is delighted that Foster Dog has found a new home (where, I am pleased to say, he is already loved by a young family who are working hard to train him not to attack other dogs and cats)
 It has been snowing here since 5 o'clock, with the main band of snow expected in the early morning. We are well prepared for any eventuality ( you can't take risks with animals and children) Some years ago after a heavy snowfall we were without electricity for 6 days and in the small town my daughter lived in they lost the water supply too.  I am a into self sufficiency, which some may find extreme, but better I reckon than those who eat all the food they have until there is nothing left before they shop again. I understand this for fresh food, but keeping a good stock of dried and tinned food would be a good idea for all sorts of reasons.
 I have organised the lamb meat which is now in the freezer. So today I have been processing what is left for the animals and wild birds. The liver, lights etc have been in the slow cooker and I will cut that up and put into portions for Dixie and my granddaughter's dog and put into the freezer. The suet I have strung up for the birds and the rest of the fat I have rendered down and shall make "cakes" tomorrow with crumbs, sultanas, oats etc and anything else I can find that might take their fancy, to put on the bird table.
 Called in Lidl today, they have unwaxed lemons (and unsalted butter) and we now have plenty of eggs so tomorrow I shall make lemon curd. Great job when you are unlikely to be outside for long. Though the animals do take longer to see to in the snow and frost, I shall be back inside for 9 o'clock and the smell of lemons will permeate the house in no time at all!
I shall now knit for half an hour and take myself to bed with one of my Christmas books. ..What will tomorrow bring ?

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