Wednesday 23 January 2013

Hello All
They tell us that there should be snow on Friday and then it will start to get warmer. Can't say that I won't be  pleased that I won't be defrosting and ferrying water around for the hens and rabbits. The poor things are so fed up of the snow, at least I have warm boots to wear !
Here is a the front of our house, the front garden looks tidy in the snow !

My resolution not to start on my stash of materials until I have finished all started projects is compromised by my 20 year old grandson who wants to attend a party this weekend as Peter Pan ! So after a fitting with this (6' 3") tall young man, the other projects are pushed aside while I see what I can do. 
 Said grandson and I went to the library today. The librarians really are helpful and knowledgeable and the libraries offer so many services other than lending books that it is distressing to know that libraries are at risk of council cuts.
Had a major bread bake today. Also made a large pavlova for D's birthday tea on Sunday and a fish pie for today's tea. 
 Having a break tonight from knitting and sewing and am reading the delicious seed catalogues. I still have a quite a few seeds left from last year, so need to go through those to see what I need. It will be next week before I get around to that little job though, as I have a back log of housework, Civic Society paperwork and  birthday boy to look after.   Oh yes.. and a Peter Pan costume to make !!
Keep Warm All


  1. Could nt bear to be without our library, I visit every week. I always check out the videos, dont usually borrow one but occasionally see one that is interesting. Watched Kings of Pastry a few weeks back - wonderful.
    We had rabbits when we were young. When their drinking water froze they used to lie on it, so funny.
    You sound like a great nana - I do a lot sewing and knitting for my grandchildren - wonderful pastime.
    So cold in on the prairie - -19C this morning. Snug in here though and like you I am perusing the seed catalogues. Collecting up coffee grounds from the Starbucks next to the library every week if that can count as gardening ! Stay warm.

    1. Crikey! -19C I thought WE had it cold. Where abouts is that ? Not very good at American geography I'm afraid.
      Haven't heard of Kings of Pastry.... cooking video or fiction ?!

  2. Kings of Pastry is a documentary about the contest for the "collar" in France. SO gripping - I loved it.
    We are just south of Chicago at the bottom Lake Michigan; out on the prairie, although there is not much of it left these days.