Tuesday 8 January 2013

Christmas Pud slice, Projects and Foster Dog

Have finally worked out how to show my blog list. Yes, I know I'm a bit slow! So you can now see who I follow so far.
Have finally used up the last of the Christmas Pud. There is usually plenty left over as everyone is too full for pud on Christmas day. Here is what I did .....
 I made some (short as possible) shortcrust pastry with a little sugar added. lined a square tin with half the pastry, brushed this with a little honey ( you could use jam if you haven't any honey) I  covered this pastry with sliced Christmas Pud and covered with the remainder of pastry, also brushed with honey/jam. I sprinkled this with a little sugar and baked at 180C for 25mins.
 As I made a good lot of pastry I also made a large apple pie from the last of the Bramleys which I have been saving in the outdoor ( beer!) fridge. Put this pie in the freezer. Here is a picture of the Christmas pud slice, cooling next to these are a couple of coconut cakes.
  I see that my garlic , which I always sow on bonfire night, is poking through. I have used my own saved "seed" of "Marco" and it looks as though all 45 plants are viable. Great ! I still have plenty of last years garlic hanging up, which should last me until mid summer at least.
 Still picking brussels through they are not as good this winter, but I don't mind if they are "Knobby" or blown. A lot of people in this district call brussels "Knobbies" !
 The "Tuesday gang" have been working on the line of the canal again today. They have to do all the tree and shrub  clearing before the birds start nesting, so spend as much time as they can spare doing this type of clearing before the middle of February.
From the sewing room project pile I have now done the trouser alteration and zip replacement and made a covered cushion for a kitchen chair.
 I have also altered and hung two large curtains at the kitchen doors which lose a lot of heat. These outside doors are the only ones in the house that aren't double glazed and the top half consists of 12 small glass frames. The doors don't fit too well either as the house has funny shaped door frames and D bought the doors  from the tip about 14 years ago for £5!    Four unfinished projects to go. I will try to post pictures if the finished articles aren't too dire!
The egg situation improves enough for me to put my Free range Egg sign out as well as meet my orders. This means that the hens start to pay for themselves again. Hurrah!
It looks as though Foster dog may have a "forever" home from this weekend. I do hope so, he is turning out to be a delight and is even behaving himself more with animals.... though still not to be trusted with them obviously. We have all our fingers and toes crossed for him.

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