Saturday 12 January 2013

Great News ! Foster Dog has gone to his "Forever" home. A Rescue worker drove some considerable distance to us from east Notts., picked up my daughter and Foster Dog and took them both an even greater distance to west of Birmingham so that Foster Dog could be settled and handed over with as much info as possible. She then drove my daughter back here before she drove to her base again. This has ensured the best possible start for his new life. We miss him after just a couple of weeks with us, so his new owners are bound to love him!
 Just had an email from the young reporter who interviewed us last week. She tells me that it is to go out on Monday morning sometime between 7 and 9  o'clock. It will be interesting to see how we come across...Mad?...Weird?...probably! Interesting that the programme is the same as I was interviewed on a couple of weeks ago as a representative of the Civic Society.
Had a pie making session today  -
 Cheese, onion and potato pies x 2 .   Lined deepish dish with pastry, filled with 4 potatoes diced and cooked and two onions chopped and cooked, mixed with half a pint of cheese sauce frozen at Christmas.
 Bacon, potato, leek and cheese x 1  Lined pie dish with pastry, filled with potatoes cooked and diced (cooked same time as for cheese pie) sliced leek ditto (same pan), fried cubed thick bacon from Lidl cooking bacon,  blended all with a little of the aforementioned cheese sauce. covered with pastry top.
 Chicken pies x 2 - Lined pie dish with pastry filled with - chicken pieces left after roast chicken dinner, small sticks carrot (ditto) a few peas (ditto), cubes of cooked stuffing (ditto) thickened gravy from guessed it ditto !. covered with pastry top.
Regarding lidl cooking bacon  - personally I always cook bacon! What they mean is bacon pieces. If you choose carefully you can bag a real bargain here. I look for the packs with a few chunky pieces. This week for £1. 59 I had enough for 2 really thick bacon steaks which we had with our eggs, a bacon sandwich          ( crafty one when on my own) cubed bacon for the above mentioned pie and after cutting the thick rind into strips I put them in the oven on a tray and now have lovely crispy "scratchings" to nibble while watching TV tonight.
I'm thinking "FISH" for another post. D. loves fishing and we regularly travel to Looe in Cornwall so that he can go sea fishing. As you know we never waste anything so everything he catches we put into our travelling freezer and bring home. This is the main reason for the number of freezers I own ( this and the lambs of course!) So prepping and cooking fish is something I do quite a lot.
Anyway I reckon that's enough from me for now... back to my knitting.

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  1. Your life sounds amazing ( and your pies also) Alls well that ends well with regard to foster dog.
    Just put on a huge veggie and bean soup - just the two of us so it will last a long time. Just started snowing, but thats life on the prairie !
    Knitting tonight also !
    Love the blog !