Thursday 10 January 2013

Yesterday's visit from the reporter from local radio left me wondering what rubbish I might have said! She wanted to walk around outside while we discussed how we lived our life and recycled old pallets etc. Fortunately D. was there too so she had two of us rabbiting on! Our cockerels also had much to say, which she seemed happy to record. After we had visited the gardens ( and those of you who grow vegetable know that the veg garden in january is no pretty sight!) Chickens, rabbits and sheep we came inside to have look around my sewing room and then sit at the kitchen table discussing recipes, knitting and why I had started my blog.
She will email when her article is to be broadcast.
Ham (frozen) from Christmas today with a sort of potato Gratin that I made with some single cream left over from Christmas that was still perfectly allright  to use. ( If it had been double cream I would have whipped it and piped it onto greaseproof paper and frozen for cakes/pies, but single cream doesn't freeze) I added half a chopped onion, a clove of garlic and an egg to the mix poured it over chipped potatoes and cooked for for 45mins at 180C. We had this with half a tin of baked beans and some homegrown peas and carrots from the freezer. D. said the potatoes could have had a bit more cooking ( he was right) so I would add another 10 to 15 mins to that time.
  Have finished a couple more sewing "projects"today. I have covered another chair cushion and made a new  carrier bag holder for the kitchen as my other one had finally collapsed ( now a floorcloth) I use the old carrier bags as rubbish bags and when they are full tie them up and put them in the dustbin. I personally don't get carrier bags as I always use cloth shopping bags, but my daughters and friends are always giving me those they have acquired.
 The old curtains now hanging at the kitchen doors have made a HUGE difference to the temperature of the kitchen, I am extremely pleased with the result, which will  keep the heating bills down.
 Hoping to start planting tomorrow. I will start off the early tomatoes and onions under heat and the first sowing of broad beans in the cold frame.


  1. I've just heard about your blog on BBC Radio Derby, I thought you came across very well.

    1. Thanks for that. There is always a risk that you come across as some sort of weirdo! Bit of a foodie myself as love cooking from scratch with good quality (preferably) local food .Gill