Friday 24 October 2014

Young generation quilters

Hi All
Quick one tonight.
Today our eldest granddaughter and our goddaughter came here a for a sewing afternoon. They have been working together on some quilting. Their first go at it. They are making quilts for Christmas presents. Here they are in our biggest spare room tacking layers together...
And here they are fixing my walking foot to EGD's machine. This proved a little troublesome, but they finally got it right...
I really must get going on my Christmas present making, but I am still knee deep in produce from the garden and our Civic Society Exhibition is only a week away and I still have lots of baking to do and we are nowhere near having the exhibits ready.
 I'm sure it will all work out over the next week. It has to really.

 I noticed that some of my post views come from Twitter and I have no idea how, So I joined Twitter to find out and am non the wiser!

Thank you for the kind comments about my youngest granddaughter and my parsnip(!) in my last post. I will try to get back to frugaldom  in my next one.
Back soon


  1. What a lovely photo of them quilting together, it is so nice to see that some youngsters are interested in making gifts rather thn dash to the shops and buy something with loads of fancy packaging, I would love to recive a gift like that made with love :-)

    1. It is really good fun being there to give a bit of a hand when they get stuck. Listening to their gossip is pretty interesting too !

  2. Its great to see the younger generation crafting, the quilt looks amazing and to be using a walking foot shows their level of confidence. Well done to both of them, there will be some happy people at Christmas when they open their handrafted presents. Xx

  3. I should image a few happy tears will be shed too.

  4. I love this photograph of two enthusiastic young quilters. Do they ever make random patchwork? If so, I could probably find them a few bits of material from my quilting days. Let me know, and if so an address.

    1. In the second picture I managed to catch the moment that they finally got the walking foot lined up correctly. They were thrilled as they had begun to think they would never get it right!
      YGD was very excited when she read your comment. We had been discussing what to do with the remnants (they have 4 quilts in various stages of completion ) and have been looking at scrappy quilts and hand sewn hexagons as new skills to learn. So YES PLEASE!!