Thursday 30 October 2014


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Today I've gone all burgery. i.e Thinking about burgers.
Picking beans today I was checking how my butter beans are doing. They have been a little late coming, as have all my green beans.
The first pic shows the butter beans "Fagiolo di Spagna". The beans are filling up but not really drying yet and we are now worried that the frost may get them first. It is no use picking them too soon as they will not dry. All would not be lost if I had to pick them early as I would get large flagolet. However, I don't really want flagolet I want a dried bean that will keep throughout the winter and beyond, giving me next years seed too. I grow another white bean for drying too. This is Emergo ( Czar and Moonlight also give white beans) which is a white flowered runner bean (Czar and moonlight also give good white beans). These can be used as a runners (as indeed can the butter bean) but it also makes a passable dried white bean too.

On the right of the next picture are ready dried beans - Emergo to the right and butter bean top left. (smaller pod) To the left of the pic is a butter bean that will be used as a flagolet. As you see the Emergo have more, smaller beans.
Both are perfectly acceptable. So what to do with the beans? This brings us back to the start of this post....
Butter bean burgers.
Soak a couple of handfuls of dried beans overnight and then cook (without salt at this stage) in the slow cooker or on a low heat until just soft. Drain and chop coarsly and place into a bowl.
Saute a chopped onion and a clove of garlic in oil. add to the beans
Then add an egg
a couple of ounces of grated cheese
Breadcrumbs made from a stale slice of bread.
salt and pepper
Mix all together and form into burgers. You may want to roll them in flour or coat in breadcrumbs, but I don't.
Fry these in a (very) little oil.
This is a basic recipe. you might want to perk it up a bit with some chopped fresh chilli or any spice of your choosing. You can leave out the cheese too if you wish. If you haven't any dried beans use a standard tin of Butter beans.
Lentil Burgers
I gave the recipe for these last year, but don't know how to direct you to the recipe so I will repeat it here.
Cook 6 ounces of orange lentils in a pint of stock, made from 2 veg stock cubes. When they are soft drain them, squeazing as much water out as you can and place the lentils into a bowl.
Finely chop an onion, a carrot and a sick of celery and add to the lentils.
Add 2 ounces of porridge oats, garlic salt and salt and pepper. Mix and shape into four burgers.
Fry in a (very) little oil.
As with the butter bean burgers you can add extra spices to suit.
We tend to eat these burgers in the winter from our stocks, but they are also a great addition to a BBQ.
D. and I spun and jarred  the last of this years honey yesterday. What a good year it has been.
Lots of random misshapen veg in the slow cooker morphing into a chutney today, so things are starting to come together for winter.
I must now "Step Away From the Computer" and get some more work done on the boards for the weekend's Civic Society Exhibition. Lots to do still. It should be good though.


  1. gosh I love all and reading this post explains why, your bean burgers sound great, spinning honey, oh my,,,

  2. I grow Jacob s Cattle beans and Borlotti. They are lovely but take up so much space for the yield you get from them ! I use Jacob s Cattle last as they are so lovely and mottled and look so great in the jar; they lose that wonderful color once they are cooked. I have to say I have never eaten a bean burger; never got past the meat ones.

  3. We love butter beans but I must say we get them out of tins. Our garden is too far North to attempt to grow them.
    I am posting the material when I go into town in the morning, so let me know when it arrives.

  4. I love butter beans too. In stews, soups, or made into your burgers, they are delicious. I've never tried growing them; like Weaver mine come from jars.

  5. Thanks for the recipes, I love all sorts of bean and lentils burgers x

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