Wednesday 22 October 2014


Evening All

A special Hello to Helena on Bloglovin

Tonight I am posting purely to show off !
I have just received the latest photographs of my beautiful youngest granddaughter. It was taken seven years after this one...
This is her first meeting, age two, with a four legged friend. She had just got off this donkey after a little ride around a small field while we were on holiday (that's not me holding her obviously!)

And now, seven years later,  with her pony......
And all dressed up.......
This child and her older cousins bring us such happiness.

And a bizarrely different brag.....
Pulled today to make some spicy soup and judged to be the smallest, before pulling. Goodness knows how big the others will be ! (the rule shows inches by the way)
Not the most beautiful parsnip, but still tender and sweet despite its size. It is now in the slow cooker with onions, carrots, celeriac, cumin, paprika and stock.
End of bragging!
Back soon


  1. Lovely photographs of grand-daughter.
    Super parsnips. Have you tried parsnip and apple soup - it makes a nice change.
    Sweat parsnip, cooking apple and onion in a bit of butter. Add stock and cook slowly.
    Dilute to desired thickness with milk and garnish with parsley. Amount of parsnip and apple is up to you on whether you want your soup to taste more parsnippy or more appley.

  2. Brag away....your grandaughter is a beautiful little girl. They bring such joy dont they.

    Parsnip soup sound yummy, its one soup i have never made although I do put them in veg soup and stews.

  3. She is adorable. Grandchildren bring such joy, don't they.
    Impressive parsnip :-) We still have a few left in the tub so I am now inspired to pull one soon to compare sizes. Will let you know! Bet the soup is tasty....

  4. I only like parsnips roasted - ours are looking good this year apart from some canker.

  5. She's gorgeous, no wonder you're bragging!
    Parsnips not so good looking!

  6. I'm embarrassed to say I don't know what a parsnip is supposed to look like having never bought or grown one. I agree with others though, your grand daughter is a beauty.

  7. I can only eat parsnips roasted, otherwise I find them too sweet (I've just noticed that simplesuffolksmallholder has said the same). My childhood pony was a nightmare. She was a trap pony and didn't really like me on her back. The results were predictable.