Sunday 20 October 2013

Slow cooker bread recipe

There has been quite a bit of interest in the slow cooker bread I've been making.
I thought I would give you the recipe I have been using  in case you couldn't find it in Elaine's blog. I have altered it ever so slightly, though I am still plagiarising her recipe!
Mix together -
  20 ounces strong Flour
 one teaspoon of salt
 one teaspoon sugar
 3 tablespoon oil
7g (one sachet) dried yeast
 Add 10 fl ounces of luke warm water and kneed for 10 minutes or so and shape into a loaf.
Place the loaf on a sheet of greaseproof paper in the slow cooker and cook on the highest setting for two and a half hours.
The first loaf I made was a mixture of wholemeal and white and the second white only.
I reckon that just about any bread recipe would do and I'm going to have a go with my usual, not so different, recipe that I  use when cooking bread conventionally.

 My slow cookers have been working overtime over the last few days. Sometimes I have been waiting for something to finish so that I could wash the bowls out and put the next thing in.
 I have made carrot and cumin soup; Tomato Soup; Bread; Lamb casserole; Stock from lamb bones; Chutney; rice pudding.
 As mentioned yesterday Adam was with us this weekend. Here he is sorting through beans. After he has podded the dried runner seed he and I will attack the pile taken from the almost finished climbing french beans (blue lake) Some are mature enough to go for drying a few were young enough for eating sliced and green and the big, lumpy green ones are yielding a bowl of flagolet.

Crikey those windows could do with a wipe!
Adam and D. finally got the guttering up on the workshop and not before time as the heavens opened and we even had a rumble of thunder.
I hope it keeps dry tomorrow as I will start posting the Civic Society Newsletter around the district. I will then try to get some of the gardening done that I didn't do today!
Will be settling down to do some mending tonight. there seems to be quite a sizeable pile to do.

Before I close I want to welcome Angela from Smallholding  Pleasure or Profit. Oooooh lots to talk about ! Good luck with the bread!
Back soon


  1. Im going to give this bread a try. I haven't yet used my slow cooker this year so will be good to get it out.

    1. Once it's out you'll be wondering how you managed without it! Good Luck with the bread

  2. I was baking sourdough bread today and remembered your slow cooker bread. Since I already had the bread rising I made up a small loaf and put it in the cooker. It's just come out and we are going to try it when it cools a bit!

    1. Ooooh do let us know how it came out and your recipe

  3. Thanks for the recipe Gill. I was looking at the flours today and wondering about making the slo cooker bread. In the end I bought some spelt and barley bread from the bakery, but when I got home here was your post, so in the next few days I'll be trying it!

  4. I'm going to try my ordinary bread recipe to see how that goes and Patty in stiches is having a go with sourdough. let us all know how you got on.

  5. hello,
    thank you for the recipe.i have a slow cooker and i think i will it try.
    have a nice day,

  6. I love this recipe. Is there anything that a slow cooker can't do :-)