Thursday 17 October 2013

Quick Ginger Pud and my secret is out!

The bread I made in the slow cooker was really nice. It was not soggy as I thought it would be. It took 2 and a half hours in the crock, not proving, just a ten minute kneed and then straight in on high. The underside was crispy which was quite nice. I made mine from 2 thirds strong white and 1 third wholemeal flour.
 shall definitely make it again. Along with soda bread, which I am practising with - made with yohurt not a sourdough starter. Both these recipes will give us a nice fresh loaf  to have with our midday soup.

 Many years ago I used to do microwave cookery demonstrations with a group of disabled women. The following recipe is a bit of a favourite, takes little time or effort and is a lovely frugal winter pud for one or two or however many. Today I have used windfall eaters and taken out the wormy and bruised bits. If you have a large perfect eating apple that will do for a single serving.
You will need
 One large eating apple
One tablespoon of Water
One Tablespoon Sugar
Four Ginger Nuts (biscuits) Lidle do the BEST at 35-39p for 30
Make a cup of tea.
Crush the ginger nuts into crumbs.  Slice and core the apple and place in a bowl with a tablespoon of water, sprinkle a tablespoon (or according to taste/diet) of white or brown sugar. Over this sprinkle the crushed Ginger Nuts. Put in the microwave on high for one and a half minutes... DONE!
Sit down and dunk half a dozen of the remaining Ginger Nuts in your tea.! You know you want to!
This pud can have oats or nuts added, which improve food value, but starts to get expensive. You can serve this with whatever you want to or have it on its own

 When we were travelling back from Cornwall last weekend YD made a huge lasagne and a pasta bake for tea (bless her)  As she was putting the pasta bake in the oven I looked to see which dish she was using and realised it was my megga chocolate trifle dish!. I use this dish at all our large parties and it serves LOTS. "I don't think you can put that in the oven" I said. "Of course she can" says D. "It is made of strengthened glass.. the glass insert in washing machines is pretty tough stuff" So my secret is out .. My trifle dish is the glass front to a washing machine !! Here it is....

Watched a bit of Hugh Frearnley Whittingsthall (?) the other night. What WAS he doing pratting around with those goosegogs for a preserve?. What a faff!

I'm actually going out tonight to a charity fashion show ! Yes I know! me! As D. said " I didn't think Help The Aged did Fashion Shows" cheek!
Off to the shower


  1. I didn't bother to watch HughFW, I seem to be right off cookery programmes at the mo, although did watch all his previous series. Now I wish I had watched to see what he was doing with gooseberries!? intriguing. I could watch on computer I guess. If I get around to it.

    1. I just caught the end of it. The rest might have been good for all I know! he was making a sort of conserve (with elderflowers of course) that was really sloppy and had to be kept in the fridge once opened

  2. Haha - don't listen to your husband. My mother in law (who is 80), get's annoyed that 'Help The Aged' send her stuff in the post asking for money!

  3. Hello Asparagus Pea ( I grow those, the colour of the flowers is lovely) My mother was asked by the church if she wanted to go to the luncheon club. She said she would rather not as she had done her share of tea making ! Tee hee bless her she was 85 at the time and thought they wanted her to help!

  4. Bread made in the slow cooker, whatever next will us smallholders come up, might have to try that one - shan't tell hubby though