Thursday 31 October 2013

Running ragged and a Hallowe'en bargain

Hello All
I've been a tad tardy with my posts this week but I have been chained to my PC, printer, phone and boards  of all shapes and sizes, while preparing for our Civic Society Heritage Exhibition. There is much for me to do at this yearly event as I do all the organising of people and their exhibits, bake most of the cakes for refreshments and so on and so on. This week our chairperson has fallen ill with some virus and I seem to be the only person in whom she has shared her thoughts and research. It has meant that she will not be leading the heritage walk around the district either. So today I have organised another (different) walk by another member, phoned everybody and his dog to have the info changed and generally run myself ragged trying to patch stuff up.
 Gosh I feel better after having a good moan to my blogging friends!
 So what else have I been doing?
YGD came to stay on tuesday through till wednesday. We made flapjacks, toad in the hole and leek and potato soup. We did all our usual outdoor stuff - mucking out rabbits, picking veg and walking foster dog who was also staying for the day. We then went out for the afternoon with grandad to look at the new boat bought by the canal society and also had a look around Arkwright's Mill.
 A couple of years ago I picked up a hallowe'en dress from a charity shop for a pound. It was far to big for the little princess then, but fortunately I remembered it and pulled it out this week to find it fits her exactly after a few judicious tweeks with my needle and thread. She is thrilled and has worn it tonight at a little Hallowe'en tea with a few friends.  Here she is.

There is still quite a lot of produce hanging around the house which I am doggedly processing. There are beans and nuts drying on all sorts of surfaces around the house, trays of tomatoes in the fridge, boxes of seconds apples waiting to be frozen or jammed and a marrow mountain to be tackled (goodness knows what I shall do with all of the marrows)
When the Civic Society functions are over I shall attack the fruit glut I have frozen and the Christmas Sewing. I am really looking forward to it.
I notice that most people in frugal land know exactly how much money they have in their purse/ bank and how much they have spent/ saved. I think I should have a go at being better organised this way. I AM really careful and frugal to the point of tightness at times, but I don't think I could demonstrate this. So I am determined that over the next few weeks I shall learn from you all and set up a system for the new year. So ideas / methods welcome folks!
After my little rant about wheat the other day, I was pleased to hear from peeps about how it affects them. I received a very interesting comment from Kris, who has put a link to an interview with a guy who believes that the make up of wheat has been changed. As you know, I am rubbish at links (another new years resolution?) so if you go to the comments section of my last post and look at the comments from  Kris you can follow the link from there.
That's all for tonight I'm ready for an early night.

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