Monday 1 July 2013

More fish and getting ready

Back from Cornwall. Actually we got back at one o'clock on Sunday morning, but have really busy since then.
D. bought back 21lb fish, which has made 7lb fish fillets for the freezer. As usual the bones, skin, heads etc. have been cooked in a large saucepan for the chickens. There were also some bits and pieces which I have poached and will make a fish pie made with some left over mashed potatoes and vegetables from yesterday's tea.
 Yesterday started with me saying hello to the chickens and rabbits before attacking the fish. That took me to late morning when the first Festival Fairy arrived (ED really) Each year before our family party a few stalwarts come to help get the place ready. This means a bit of a tidy up ( well quite a lot really) and a make-safe as smallholdings tend not to be the safest places on earth. As the day wore on and more FFs arrived we got quite a bit of work done and much planning/organising. "Shall we group those tents together?", "Shall we ask so-and-so to help with...", "Have we enough paracetemols for sunday?"
 After tea,(boiled ham, onion sauce, mashed potatoes and lots of different vegetables, followed by apple crumble) we had a last quick conference before they all went home and after a quick shower D. and I went to see some friends a few miles away for the evening. In bed by midnight.
 Today will see me weeding as the chick weed is a foot high in places and tidying the gardens a little more. I'm still organising hens and chicks, They are all over the place and I am running out of places to put them. I think I may sell a few. So if anyone in the midlands wants hens with chicks at foot, give me a shout!
 I also need to get my punnets out (sounds a bit rude that!) for the goosegogs. The bushes in the paddock garden are doing  quite well, which is good news after the goosegog disaster in the fruit garden, so I reckon it is worth me putting a sign out.
 Will also take a few pics today to liven the next post up
Back soon

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  1. Wow, your freezers will be full of fish fillets before long. Yum!

    Now I need to know -- what is onion sauce?