Monday 29 July 2013

An Ordinary Day

This time last week I was waiting to watch "Long Lost Family" which was running late. Then suddenly I looked up, the room moved, I found I was unable to stand and then started to be sick. The rest as they say is history !! So a fresh start and I AM watching Long Lost family now!
 Had a baking day today as we had no cake in the cupboard or freezer and we are expecting quite a few folk tomorrow as we hope ( thunder storms permitting!) to do some clearing on the canal. Had a trawl through the cupboards and used up dried fruits, nuts, shrivelled lemons and scrapings of marmalade. I made two date and walnut loaves, a lemon drizzle cake and a fruit and nut cake.
 The netting cage over the Brassica garden  is finally finished D. has sat in the field sewing the netting together, looking for all the world like a fisherman mending his nets ! Will take a picture tomorrow of the finished article.
 Made a fleeting visit to town today (don't know how to do it slowly) the Co-op has mature cheese on offer... buy one get two free. at £4.19 per 300g pack. that's 900g for £4.19. Not bad and as the packs are sealed I shall freeze one. Popped into Sainsbury's for cooking margarine at £3 for 2kg and also bought some "cooking" (what else?) bacon at £1.10 a kilo. I have made 8 bacon and stuffing rolls for tomorrow, which we will have with tomaotes, courgettes and potatoes. I used 4 old crusts, an onion , sage and thyme to make the stuffing, which I rolled  into a sausage shapes and then rolled in the bacon rashers. I shall cook these in the oven with the veg alongside. There are still 15 rashers of bacon left !! What to do with them hmmm......
  Just been reading the new Smallholder magazine. Apparently, IMPORTED bumble bees are being found to be bringing diseases into the country. IMPORTED ash trees have bought in Ash Dieback. Can someone explain to me why we need to import something that is indigenous to this country? Yes, I know we need extra bumble bees for crops under glass, but why can't we rear our own ? and as for Ash trees, they are very nearly a weed around here, we could EXPORT the b****rs!
 All for now folks. Had a good cry at Long Lost Family, which I really enjoyed (both the programme and the blubber)
Keep Well


  1. Glad all is well with you .. I'm just catching up after a few busy weeks.
    My thoughts exactly on the Ash and the bees...

    Vicky x

    1. Glad to see you back. Just caught up with your blog!
      Every time I think of the Ash tree fiasco my normally low blood pressure rockets!

  2. I've never had stuffed bacon, but it sounds wonderful! Of course, so do the cakes.

    I am hoping to have a full day at home tomorrow and have plans to pressure can some jars of veggies, some onion soup, and perhaps some cabbage. I'm just hoping I have enough energy tomorrow to match my plans. :-)

    1. Posted a pic of the bacon rolls on my blog today.
      Isn't it wonderful having stores in. It makes going into winter less scary ! I know some people use evrything up and start again... I deffo couldn't do that, I'm far too much of a squirrel !

  3. I really like the sound of those bacon rolls, have to try those tomorrow. You are a completely dynamo ! All those cakes and baking in one day. I m lucky if I can manage one or two.
    Hope you are feeling better - seems like you are..........

    1. Feeling tickety boo now thanks. D. says I should slow down as I have had a warning. Will I? Naahhh !

  4. Oh, and by-the-by - I have just lost three purple ash trees here in Illinois. The emerald ash borer is to blame - thinking of replacing them with little leaf linden but then the japanese beetles love them..........ah well, it will have to be sugar maples I guess.

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