Thursday 27 June 2013

Hello all I'm back !

Well here I am back at the PC at last. Not that I haven't been at the PC this week - I have been quite a lot, but not blogging! We have much going on in our Civic Society at the moment and as the secretary I have much to do. The rest of my time has been spent gardening and chicken counting/feeding/sorting.
When evening has come round I have been getting orgainised for the Family Festival. (sorry Frugal in Suffolk it does go on until midnight!)which is on the 6th July. YD and myself have been getting the stuff orgainised for the games and races. It would be easy to just buy stuff, but I'm unlikely to do that....being a tighta***! So the men's obstacle race gear is coming along nicely now and the paper plane making gear and instructions are done. All the children's stuff is ready from last year. So after I get back from fishing in Cornwall ( Yes AGAIN!) on sunday it will be more gardening and baking. I'm secretly hoping that D. doesn't catch too much fish, as we drive home late saturday night with any fish in our travelling fridge/freezer and then I process it on Sunday morning. SO, if he has caught a lot I might spend 3 to 4 hours gutting/filletting etc when I need to be doing other stuff for the following weekend. (and I'm not sure I have too much space in my freezers too)
 This afternoon we are meeting some others on the derelict canal to do a spot of weed/shrub clearing. We are then meeting with the Greenways officer for the district to explain why we don't agree with her proposed route. That will mean more note writing and emailing I suppose.
 I was glad to see that Frugal in Suffolk is selling her gooseberries and what she is charging. I usually sell my excess, but haven't too much this year (see old blogs!) but I do have SOME. I have googled the price of gooseberries and can't find anywhere selling them to compare with. SO seeing F-in-S's punnets is good enough for me. That's what I will charge! Iv'e already sold all my rhubarb, which I'm pleased about.
 Off to attack the jungle with the guys now and I shan't be away from my blog so long next time.
Thanks for reading
Gill x


  1. You are always one busy lady! Happy Belated birthday...I'm still catching up on posts.

  2. Thanks for the birthday greetings.
    You sound as busy as me!

  3. Hello just catching up after 2 crazy days. Midnight is fine for parties, it's 3 or 4 or 5 am that I think is a bit much. Re g.gogs I picked off 2 early bushes and am hanging on for a week or so for all the rest. They sell so well because they are not easy to find anywhere. We saw them for £2.40 a 300g punnet in a posh deli shop last year which makes mine a bargain! But I would rather sell for £1.50 500g punnet than have them all left unsold.

  4. I can never see any for sale either. The same goes for red and blackcurrants. I did see some on a farmer's market once in tiny punnets, which worked out at £10 something a kilo. I can never understand why farmer's markets are so expensive as they are cutting out the middle man so should be cheaper! I'm with you I would rather sell them cheap than not at all. the only exception is that I charge the same for my honey as other beekeppers as it is an unwritten understanding between beekeepers.