Wednesday 31 July 2013

Don't you just love a Google search?

Don't you just love Google ?
Helping to sort out YGD socks sans move and she has MANY odd socks. Obviously my first thoughts are " We can't throw these away, there must be something we could do with them" There are only so many glove puppets one can make ( Glove puppet version of El Cid perhaps) so I Googled "What to do with odd socks" and yes, there were several pages. I have marked a couple that look promising and will peruse them soon.
 My next search was for something to do with those 15 rashers of bacon left from the Sainsbury's "cooking" bacon. We shall definitiely have a few rashers grilled tonight with the left over potatoes from last night, fried, and a couple of poached eggs. But that does leave eight rashers to be inventive with. And yes there is a site answering the question   " What can I do with extra rashers of bacon?" After a quick squizz at the site I reckon my favourite so far is - stir fry until crispy and then add finely shredded cabbage, chilli and some soya sauce. I have been swayed towards this recipe somewhat because we have cabbage and chillis in the garden and soya sauce in the cupboard!

 Been studying an old (1702) map of our area today. I could look at maps all day. A friend bought the original at auction and has kindly made me a copy as he knows that our civic society archives any old papers and maps and hold an exhibition of local history each winter. It is facinating to see how sparsley populated the area was, but that the names written by buildings are familiar and can still be found within the area. In fact a couple of elderly people so named are part of our oral history project. I can't wait to show them this early map, I'm sure they will be thrilled to see their ancestors names.
A day of good garden-soaking rain after all the heat. Apparently it might turn warm again tomorrow, which is great for the children as they are on holiday. Talking of children, it is YGD 8th birthday tomorrow, so we will be going over for tea. I have made garlic bread and coleslaw to take as ED is making jackets with chilli, tuna and cheese as fillings. YGD's other grandma is making the cake ( an very nice it will be too)
Must stop procrastinating now and write some stroppy letters to council officials on behalf of the Society.
Welcome to my blog Gaz, always lovely to see a new follower.
Good Night All


  1. We love cabbage with bacon. I normally add potatoes to it as well if I am not adding the soya sauce.

  2. Thanks :-) I'm an alloment holder, and I enjoy readinother people's experiences.

  3. Have you had your allotment long or are you still getting going on your plot?