Friday 5 July 2013

Getting Ready for the Family Frestival

Good Morning  Frugal Friends !!
What a lovely day.
Been a bit busy this week getting ready for our family festival tomorrow. There are already 21 tents in our field and lots more to come over ther next 24 hours.
Most of the food is cooked, just need to make a couple more tear and share loaves (recipe to follow) a large Pavlova, Chocolate Trifle and industrial quantitiies of cheese straws and that will be the baking done.
D. is about to set off to collect the the barrel of beer he keeps in his workshop. Not all the time that is.. just this weekend!
I just have to finish off the props for the races and it's then the big tidy up and gazebo erecting. Then tonight the family will all stay and we will sit round the brazier on the river bank and chill with a few glasses, getting our stremgth up for tomorrow.
 Will put up some pics next week.
On the smallholding front, have finally put my signs out for gooseberries for sale. The last of the hens is now esconced in the orchard so that I can uncover my precious chicken attracting plants. Of the two remaining broody's still sitting in the barn, one is definitely having that "Something is happening under me" shuffle.
 Yesterday EGD and I supered the swarm that we collected a few weeks ago. The weather is certainly suiting the bees this year so far.
Off to put some dough on to ris.
Back soon
Thanks for reading this rather scrappy post


  1. looks as if you have picked the best weekend of the year so far, have a lovely time

  2. Sounds like it's all coming together, weather and all. Have fun!