Tuesday 9 July 2013

Festival Weekend -Pallets and recycling

Back in harness with the old blog. I'll give an overview of the last few days to get you up to date (hope you are interested!)
Just before the party we realised that we now had no supers left for the bees if they were needed and with the weather set good we thought we ought to put this right. Below is my oldest friend J. When I say oldest, I mean I have known her the longest - we met when I was two and she was two and a half ( I never let her forget she is older than me) We stay with her when we go to Cornwall and she frequently stays with us and helps on the smallholding. J. loves organising and cleaning bee frames - each to his own - don't knock it, it suits me! So here she is getting ready to put the wax foundation in the old frames she has cleaned.
 So Saturday morning arrives and the last minute faffing needs doing, but there is plenty of time, when the phone rings. It's our nephew who has some broken PALLETS! Do we want then for our party bonfire later on?
 How can we refuse !? I'll be there in half an hour he says, so we gather the troops from the field, give everyone gloves and gather at the gate. At least we don't have to fetch these as he will deliver.
 Below is a picture of the second drop. Notice that the broken pallets are in those nice boxes that I have lined and am growing carrots in. Six more of these were dropped off, which we put on trolleys and took as far as the garage base.

 Here is a picture of the boxes sown with carrot seed earlier this year
 The broken pallets were loaded onto the trailer to be taken down the field to the fire,but we couldn't bear to burn the boxes. However they were rather in the way, until GDson had a brainwave - Why not put the recycling bags, boxes etc. in the pallet boxes to make them sturdier and more manageable?
So that's what we did. I wish I had take a picture at the time when they were neat and tidy. However, here is a pic taken Sunday morning, when all the containers are full.  It took J. and I over two hours to get this lot ready to take to the recycling centre!!
That's all for now. Part two will follow soon when I shall discuss how a party for 200 people doesn't have to cost a fortune.
Still hot here in Derbyshire. It is suppose to be cooling for a couple of days then getting hotter again.
Ooooh yes! I forgot - we picked ( well J. did) 24 punnets of gooseberries for sale, so we didn't do too bad in the end for the little green beauties.
Welcome Lynda. Glad to see you here!
Back soon with part two


  1. how a party for 200 people doesn't have to cost a fortune.

    I shall be very interested to read about that Gill, as we have a large family and often have "do's" :-)

    1. I bet you can teach me a thing or two! I must say I love parties for families.

  2. Look forward to hearing about your big family party. We love pallets here - never refuse firewood is our motto. We've picked 88kg!!! G.gogs so far and there are still loads. We are going to swap some for picture framing.
    Loving this sunshine and a nice breeze here too.

  3. 88kg!!! Good harvest that. I love bartering too
    Have you sold all your goosegogs or have you proccessed some yourself?