Friday 14 June 2013

Picture at the top of my page, Chicks and Adam

Have you noticed I have a picture at the top of my blog page now? YD helped me to put it up,...truth to tell  I did nothing, she did it all.
The picture is of YGD doing a jigsaw with the help of our deeply missed bantam Marjorie. This was taken last summer in our fruit garden, where we often eat and play and craft.
It is one of my favourite pictures. I hope you like it too.
Adam's mum is unwell so he has come to stay for a while. We have sat and worked out what we are going to eat and I have decided that he is naturally frugal ! Last night we had Chicken Pie (his absolute favourite). He has chosen Toad in the hole with mash and cabbage for today (will cook extra for bubble and squeak)  and meat balls for tomorrow. He says if he is still here the day after he would like fish! Don't you just love an "easy" guest ?
 I keep finding eggs all over the place, so I collected a few random ones the other day and put the ones that floated in the incubator. Worth a try !! This afternoon I had a peek and there was a tiny black chick, completely dry and cheeping his heart out. Lifting up the broodies (Oh the indignity!) I have found a newly hatched chick, so have snook the incubator chick in with it, so that hopefully the broody will look after it. Worth a try eh?
I took Adam to the hospital today for a scan. He had to go without food or drink ( apart from water) for 6 hours. So as we were shopping I asked him what he would like to eat in the car straight after his scan. He chose sausage roll, so I bought some from Lidl. Blimey, I was not impressed ! I could have made some as cheaply, if not cheaper I reckon. I must make some and cost them out.
 The elder flowers are just coming out here. Some reckon they are late. If they are, so are the gooseberries as I usually put some elderflowers in my gooseberry jam and the little green darlings are nowhere near ready yet.
 Dinners just about ready, so will sign off for now
 Have a peaceful Evening

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