Monday 3 June 2013

Of Pallets and a Surprise "Visitor"

Here is the Pallet Stash from Saturday. I think you will agree it is a useful couple of piles of wood. D. already has several ideas as to how it could be used. In the meantime it will have to be moved into "the Pallet Store" (of course) I shall enjoy that, especially as each pallet has to he hoisted over an eight foot fence!

The sun is shining and the forecast is good for the next few days Hurrah! We went to a party at a friends house yesterday. They have a lovely big garden and field and all the children could run free. We sat in the sun eating hog roast buns, chatting to people we haven't seen in years and watching the children play and really enjoyed the break, even though we are always moaning that we haven't time for socialising! I even had a brief spell on the bouncy castle...Hot Tip ! Don't go on a bouncy castle in a long skirt.. you will keep standing on it and falling over!
Thought you might like to see a pic of the Wisteria, we have it on two walls of the house and the long wall of the barn and it is at it'd best right now.

I will bring your attention to the egg totals in the side bar. They are down quite significantly for May. This is because of all the broodys. Hens sit for 21 days on their eggs and don't normally start laying again for another 6 to 8 weeks after the chicks hatch. So it is hardly surprising the totals are down.

  Yesterday evening before we went out again, we did a spot of lawn cutting as there was little time for anything else. So while I'm in the fruit garden D. passes me the box full of clipping to put on the fruit garden compost heap. Moments later I heard an almighty crash and turned to see a fully-grown black BULL stood on top of the heap. it had knocked down our stone wall and climbed onto the heap for the fresh cuttings!!! Now I'm no wuss but I reckoned I needed some help with this, so I shouted D. and we drove the big b****r back into his field and quickly covered the compost heap with tonne bags to lessen its attraction!
 So, that'll be a spot of wall building to add to the list then.

 Civic Society Committee meeting tonight, so need to tidy up a bit. I wonder if it will be warm enough to have it outside. That would be good, as it is tidier than the house !
 Bye for now frugal friends and many many thanks for reading.


  1. Never a dull moment where you live !!
    The pallets look nice and clean, lots of uses for those.............
    I hope the wall was dry stone..

  2. Yes the wall is dry stone !
    The pallets have only had the one use before we got them, so yes they are nice and clean.
    Hope the weather is settling down where you live.