Monday 10 June 2013

Back from fishing and car booty

We are back from Cornwall and ready to get stuck in to the final planting push on the smallholding.
The first pic is of the fishermen gathering to to set off for the day, and a glorious day it was too. The water is sparkling in the sun in the beautifully clean Looe Harbour
 The catch was not good again. D. bought back a 7lb ling and the lovely big pollack you see in this picture. This made 6 good sized fillets and the ling I processed straight into cougon size pieces (20 in all) The second days fishing realised even less. It's a good job the weather was so nice and that D enjoys the company as much as the fishing AND that it isn't our living !
 While D. was out on the briny I was car booting and charity shopping with my friend as well as working on her allotment. We  stayed in the Callington area and did well. I actually had a shopping list. I needed working jeans as my others had patches on the patches, working shirts and was starting my search for winter clothes. Below, minus some shirts(50p each) that are in the wash, are two pairs of good strong, hardly worn jeans for a pound each and a really good quality quilted fleece for £2.99. You can also see some silks I couldn't resist (17 silks for £1.50) and some knitting needles for 20p. I also bought some fuchsias and geraniums for a bald spot in the fruit garden.
So that has bought you pretty much up to date. I shall now make myself a coffee and catch up on the blogs I follow and try not to get too distracted reading the blogs followed by the blogs I follow!!
I will then try to work out how many chicks are running around the place and who the h*** they belong to !
Bye for now


  1. Sorry the catch was nt up to much, is there a reason for that ?
    Nice score at the charity; that fleece looks really snug and you cant beat jeans for a quid. I would have snapped up the silks also. Posy gets Cozy is making the most adorable swedish vest for her baby daughter using silks like that(check it out)
    I patch my family s jeans by opening up the inner seam at the knee and putting a patch on top, sewing around three sides, turning the leg inside out and sewing down both layers on the inner seam. Have done so many and saved so many pairs !

  2. Thanks for the patching tip ! I shall definitely have a go at that!
    The jury is out on the reason for the poor catch. Probably a combination of over-fishing and climate change. I am told that the mackerel are going further north as the sea warms up in the south.
    Looked at Posy gets Cozy. lots to see there apart from the embroidery. Thanks for that