Monday 17 June 2013

Shared Lives

As I often mention Adam and our other "Shared Lives" guys I thought I would explain about the scheme as I realise that while ensuring confidentiality I often sound just cryptic!!
 The Shared Lives scheme is sometimes called Adult Placement (and probably other things in different areas). Here in Derbyshire it is Social Services run and funded. Putting it VERY Simply it is like fostering for Adults with "special needs" (don't like that term but I guess you know what I mean)
The term Shared Lives is quite new in Derbyshire and I quite like the term because that is exactly  what we do we share our lives with the guys.
Some people provide full time care/support  while others (like us) provide daycare and respite and short term care.
 In this blog I have called the guys Adam, Bob and Colin. Adam has been coming to stay with us at weekends since he was 18 and he is now 43! he has learning difficulties and some personal care needs.
 Bob, who has been coming here for nearly 4 years and is also in his 40s, is a family man. He has a head injury which impairs his a ability to lead a completely independent life and affects his mood. he comes to us as an alternative to a day centre. Colin, who has been coming here for over 4 years, is also in his 40s and  has health problems and some learning difficulties.He also comes to us for "day care". As we live on a smallholding there is much to get involved in and the three guys can do "real" work of which they are justifiably proud. D. calls them his Work Experience group, which suits the group well and doesn't stigmatise them with negative labels.
The guys work with us on the smallholding and canal and other community work that we are involved inand generally join in with anything we are doing, consider our friends their friends and our family as theirs too.
 When the children were young and again after they left home we used to foster, so our children and grandchildren have never known any different from sharing their lives with others less fortunate.
 So there you are. I hope that this will explain the odd cryptic reference!! It might well be something you have considered doing. If so why not ? The people I have met in blogland have SO much to offer.
All for now, back soon
Thanks for reading


  1. I heard about this scheme on the radio, I think it's a brilliant idea. When I worked with A.L.D I used to provide respite, which we really enjoyed as a family.
    I have no doubt that sharing with your "lads" has been totally enriching.

  2. I guess you were doing the same as us then! it's a two way street isn't it? (good word for it... enriching)