Monday 1 April 2013

Challenge and Sky the hoodie lamb.

Well Hello All
After a frantic few days I finally have time to myself to jot down a few thoughts and updates.
The challenge continues, but I am loathe to bore you with it as I'm beginning to find it a tad uninteresting so I am sure you must too ! BUT. here goes.
Saturday's meals - Porridge; last portion of Lentil Soup; Pasta with chopped bacon and the second half of the tinned tomatoes with garlic and chilli.
Sunday - well fell off the wagon Sunday as it was Easter day and the family were round and I cooked a leg of our own lamb. So.. leg of lamb or lentil Dahl and rice ?? D**n right.. lamb it was! I actually didn't have any  breakfast and had boiled egg in an egg cup with soldiers for lunch.  I took the loaf I had made out of the freezer for the soldiers and will need to use the loaf up over the next day or two as it won't keep.
 Youngest granddaughter stayed the night and I had saved some batter mix from yesterdays yorkshire puddings. So for breakfast we had pancakes.. and why not?! I had beans on toast for lunch and tonight D and I had a plate meal each from yesterday's leftovers.
 I don't think I am doing too badly with the challenge. If I did it again I would do even more batch baking/cooking, . it is definitely  more economical; and less tedious than  thinking micro, when I usually think macro, what with the family, shared lives guys and our dear friends.

The four lambs that I fetched on Thursday night are back in the small lounge  again tonight for a quick "warm up" They are not really thriving and I am quite concerned about them. they don't seem too strong and the temperatures are so low. we have a heat lamp on in the barn, but it still isn't really keeping them warm enough. the smallest, Sky, is VERY tiny and so today I cut up an old hoodie that was covered in paint splashes. Not one to waste waste even, apart from the two coats made from the sleeves, I have saved a perfectly good zip, a nice piece of chord and three floor/polishing cloths too. below is a picture of these items apart from the sleeve Sky is wearing.  D. says " You are not seriously going to take a photo of those are you !?" and why not?

 The next picture is of the main hen house which is in the orchard. just look at those icicles. D. is really pleased that he built it with that overhang as the hens can shelter there and the outside food hopper can be kept dry. it also allows for some essential dust bathing underneath.
I've a really busy week coming up.
Hope everybody had a great Easter.
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  1. You are doing really well with your challenge and I don't blame you for having the lamb dinner, I would have done the same, just hope you didn't eat it in front of your new little visitors :-) They are so cute, I do hope they start to thrive and go on to live a lovely outdoor life.

    Those icicles are fantastic!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great Easter. I would have had the lamb, too.
    Being a holiday and all. :-)

    Smart move on the hoodie...waste not want not.

    The lambs are darling. Spring has been unusual this year although I guess the date is man appointed and not nature appointed. We've had more freezing nights since "spring" started than is normal for our area.

  3. Of course you'd be taking a picture of that! Why not? Have to laugh sometimes if I'm out and have taken photos of people and when they want to see they go back further than the photos of themselves and end up looking at pictures of my dinner or my couch. Usually the camera just gets handed back very quietly and I can strange looks for the rest of the evening. Well, it's not my problem that they don't understand the joys of blogging. I don't understand what they consider to be the joys of facebook so it all works out in the end.

    Thanks for "boiled egg in an egg cup with soldiers", by the way. I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow morning now. Will be able to use my new egg cup and all. :-)