Thursday 25 April 2013

Au Revoir Prickly Pete, My Bibles and Planting with lambs.

Hello Frugelling Friends

Well, the weather is much improved, Prickly Pete is now a good weight, so it was time to wish him Au revoir (hopefully not goodbye!) At dusk we took him out into the garden, close to where we thought he had been living previously. Previously to our log box that is ! The first pic shows him as he sniffs around, getting his bearings. The next shows him disappearing into a hole that looked far too small for him, but clearly wasn't! We are sorry to see him go, but pleased that he is well and independent again ( we DID'NT kiss him goodbye!) I notice that D has placed a digestive biscuit (Prickly's favourite) next to the hole  (Softy!)

Because my kitchen fridge/freezer has broken down I have had to move the piles of books stacked on top. As always I became distracted. My choice was..... move the F/F and clean behind or..... go through this pile of books. Anybody that knows me, knows that that is a no-brainer.! (hate housework, love reading)
The books below are my "Bibles" The top two are the same book nearly 40 years apart. The old one was falling apart, so I bought a new one last year, but can't bring myself to get rid of the old one, it's an old friend.
 If you haven't read John Seymour, he is definitely worth a look. The large green book is (almost) contemporary with the first John Seymour. This book was written by an American Smallholder,  Karla Emery, who wrote the book over several years with subscribers paying for chapters as she wrote them. There are some great recipes and practical household/ growing tips  and much much more. it's a HUGE and this early copy is printed in a basic, photocopier type of way. The last book is Marguerite Pattens  "Victory Cookbook", which is a compilation of recipes and tips provided by the Government to housewives in the Second World War. Obviously the recipes are simple and frugal and as importantly, seasonal with all the ingredients grown in GB ( boats were used to carry soldiers and guns - NOT food from other countries)
I notice that Chelmarshchunterings and Frugal in Suffolk are reviewing their books too and there are a couple of books that I really need to look at.

My next Pic is of the lambs doggedly watching as I plant Brussels, they really believe that this is THEIR garden. Note that the fence is made of pallets ( of course!) This is their last time in this garden for obvious reasons. As the ground was rotivated recently, it was too loose for Brussel plants ( if you want  tight "knobs" the ground must be firm ) so I trod up and down where I was planting, to firm the earth.Note the plastic collars at the base of the Brussel plants and the netting over willow hoops. We grow organically, and the collars deter cabbage root fly, while the netting keeps the cabbage white butterfly away.
 Here is the completed row. 12 plants, 2ft apart 2ft between rows.
 Here is a picture of my stand of willow. I use this for the hoops and for other garden structures. We also let some grow thicker and use this for fuel for the fire.
Have to go now as folk are arriving for lunch.
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  1. Always miss keeping sheep at lambing time of year. Yours are lovely, used to love the way they would suddenly go on a mad dash somewhere, Jump in the air and then dash back. We gave up sheep keeping when it got so complicated with EID tags and also we thought about moving, plus we had fences collapsing everywhere at the time. Now we just have grass to cut for hay, chickens and the campsite on our 4ac. meadow.
    Re books etc- Hooray- another person who would rather weed than clean - no contest. Hadn't seen that Carla Emery one but I do have all 3 of the M.Patten wartime books. I have rather too many books - no thats not true, can never have too many books

    1. INDEED ! My house is full of books. Keeping larger animals has become a bit of a nightmare hasn't it?

  2. Should have said READ not WEED where did that come from ?

  3. I love old books, I would have done the same Gill!

    1. trouble is I never want to get rid of them. I read all these blogs about people clearing out the clutter etc and think " The would have a heart attack if they saw my house !!!