Saturday 27 April 2013

Challenge round up (Four Weeks at a Pound a Day)

Still can't find my Challenge notes so have cobbled together a final resume.
In the final 5 days I used up one slice of the frozen bacon into a savoury roll. I made some stuffing from the bread crusts and a roll ( with onion and herbs). I put a "patties-worth" aside and cooked another slab in a little oil when I cooked 2 jacket potatoes in the oven. While the oven was I also put a small rice pudding ,made with long grain rice that I had boiled up before in the microwave first. ( If i had a smaller oven it would have been more cost effective). That night I had a jacket potato, with an egg and coleslaw.
So, back to the savoury roll. I cut the bacon, the other potato and the cooked stuffing into cubes, and  made a sort of sauce with stock cube and flour. and mixed all this together for the filling. This made 2 good sized dinners. One day I had it with sautéed cabbage and the next with baked beans.
On the penultimate day of my challenge I cooked up the last of the rice in one pan and lentils, chopped carrot and chopped onion in another. I blitzed most of the lentils, carrot and onion and with the addition of a a stock cube made two days worth of soup. The remainder I added to the rice with some seasoning, the last stock cube and chopped ransoms and  made a sort of risotto  for my evening meal.  
The last slice of bacon I had with an egg, the last of the beans and the last rather dry slice of bread, fried. Finished with a fry-up !!!
I spent £20-40 on the first day and a further £3 ( eggs, half a bag of sugar and the veg from Cornwall).
So there it is, possible , but I thought pretty boring. If it had been meat-free I could have managed with less and  had I given myself access to all my seasonings cupboards, it would have been more interesting. If I had realised that I had money left I would have bought some more cheese, as I ran out of that in week three
Non of my drinks ( cups of tea!!)were included in this.
 Just switched on the TV and apparently the Great and the Good (well famous people anyway!) are doing a 5 day pound a day challenge. My timing always has been C***, I should have started it today !!

Back later !


  1. Well done for completing your challenge! Sounds like you did really well. Are there any new things you'll carry on doing even though you've finished?

    1. You read my mind! Yes I will certainly investigate using lentils more as a meat substitute. I have always liked my lentil burgers, soup and dahl as a side, but the lentil balls were a new idea and we really loved them and I reckon with the addition of more veg I reckon I could happily have the dahl as a main.

    2. I LOVE lentils and often serve dahl as a main - with a few bits and bobs like cucumber, yogurt, mango pickle it makes a respectable meal!

  2. You have done so well completing the challenge, I don't think I could have done it, maybe if hubby would have a go too it would be better as two lots of money would give a more varied diet. I just count myself very lucky to have plenty to eat and not be in the poverty trap.

    Well Done Gill x

    1. If D. had joined in ( which he did sometimes without knowing!)it would have been so much easier and cheaper.
      I too am thankful that we don't go hungry. The challenge for me was really to live on a pound a day using food bought from the supermarket, like the majority of people. If you live in the city you have little choice after all, whereas I live in a semi-rural area, on two acres of land. We never go hungry, though we frequently eat meals considered a little unusual!