Saturday 27 April 2013

Follower questions and some sad news

Will somebody explain how the Followers thing works ? I thought I understood it
If I follow someone, will it automatically show on their sidebar and on my profile page ??
Is there a difference between being a Follower and stating that someone is one of your favourite blogs ?or on your blog list, If I am someone's blog list does that mean that mean that they are a follower, and if so, why are they not on my follower sidebar.?
How do I un-follow someone? That sounds a bit unkind, but isn't. When I first started blogging I chose someone to follow that I later realised hadn't blogged for a couple of years, so is unlikely to be carrying on with their blog.
I bet you all think I'm thick now don't you ? but there just seem so many anomalies.

On a more serious note, yesterday Simon, one of the lambs died. He had been getting weaker for some days now, and though he was drinking his bottle he was not grazing or bouncing around like he should be. We had  given all the lambs antibiotics and wormer as they were not strong, clean lambs like we are used to and we are not really happy with any of them. So now we are watching the others closely and keeping them on extra bottles.  Wish us and them luck !

Off to help Adam ( one of our shared lives guys)get some supper and ready for bed now.

A peaceful night to you all


  1. you can un-follow by going to your dashboard page, to where it says All blogs. There should be a sort of daisy thing on the right hand side, if you click on it,it will take you to a page called "manage the blogs I'm following", where you scroll down, choose the blog to unfollow. Click on settings and click on stop following this site.
    I use chrome, so I don't know if it will look the same for you.

    "Is there a difference between being a Follower and stating that someone is one of your favourite blogs"

    Yes. You will have to add any new favourite blogs to your side bar in the same way as you added the others.

    Hope this helps.
    If I didn't have my own in house IT guy, I would have given up years ago :-D.

    1. Thanks for that, I've found the daisy !. Do you know how to put someone on your blog list without being a follower as that is the only way i know how to put them on my blog list ?

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who find much computer speak complicated.
    I smiled when you said on the comments on my frugalinsuffolk re old magazines that you are not really surrounded by piles of mags up to the ceiling! I had kept LOADS of old Practical Self sufficiency, Country Smallholding the Home Farmer but decided about 5 years back that it was just MAD keeping so many. So I sold all but the early ones at the Suffolk smallholders show - for quite a good amount. BUT I do still have in the bottom of a cupboard a pile Of mags called "COUNTRYSIDE and small stock journal". These are from the USA and have loads of reading in each one with not many ads. I'm very good at the moment and have no subs to anything except the 4 times a year Craft Creations mag from the craft supplies company of the same name

  3. Sorry, forgot to say sad news about the lamb, when we kept livestock farmers were always telling us that sheep are either alive or dead!!- never ill and getting better- always ill and getting worse !

    1. You are SO right about sheep. My friendly vet says the same " lambs die on tuesdays!" is what she says and reckons that their life's ambition is to die ! I have to say that I have been rearing lambs for over thirty years now and have never had quite so much difficulty before. We are definitely not out of the wood yet with the remaining three.
      I know I should get rid of my magazines but can't quite bring myself to. I think that my godson might be willed them ! ha ha

  4. i haven't a clue regarding blog follower just wanted to say sorry about your lambx