Friday 19 April 2013

Just a Quickie to Cornwall again.

Just a quickie!!
Off to Cornwall again tomorrow for a days fishing. Then it will be a few weeks before we go again. Sometimes I get fed up of going so far for a days fishing, especially when I have so much to do in the veg patch. But D,, who has had life-threatening illnesses proclaimed a few years ago that when he retired he would go fishing more often. He now has a group of like-minded fishermen( and women) who make up a a crew on a particular boat at Looe and I haven't the heart to say No. ( the outcomes of D's illness are that he needs some particular help from me, so he does not go on his own) So, off we go again. the plus side is that we get good ethically sourced fish, I get to go round some great charity shops and I also get to see my oldest friend ( who puts us up)
 Yet again, youngest daughter steps into the breach to look after the smallholding. What would we do without her?!
 The lambs are getting stronger gradually.
Off to bed. back soon
Welcome Vixen and Susan Thanks for reading
Gill x


  1. Old friends, fresh fish and charity shops, quite a combo, but unbeatable, especially as DH will be enjoying his hobby too. Enjoy it all!

    1. Thanks for that. We are back now.. I gave you a wave at the Glasto exit on the M5!

  2. Have a lovely time in Cornwall, our second favourite place after Suffolk. Thankyou for your comments on my frugalinsuffolk blog. We've been here on the smallholding for 22 years now and kept sheep and goats right up until 3 years ago when rising feed prices, lack of local vets and children all moving out made us decide just to use our 5 acres for chickens (100 layers) and haymaking and the campsite of course. Always miss them most at this 'new birth' time of year.

  3. We came out of breeding sheep after the Foot and Mouth epidemic. We used to share grazing with another smallholder and our ewes were there when the outbreak started. They then had an outbreak 4 miles from them, so nothing was going anywhere and my friend ended up lambing my ewes for me and I was not allowed to go and help her as she was in a lock-down zone. getting them home finally was a night mare with a DEFRA man accompanying us. washing of rented trailors etc. cost us £250 just to get them back! The ramifications of the whole thing made it difficult for smalllholders like us to even be legal ! So now I just get cade lambs and rear them to meat and even that takes enough paperwork !! I must say I miss my goats too. We just found that asking people to milk as well as all the other stuff we ask of them was too much when we went away .
    PS don't sheep smell nice ?!
    Nice to hear from you