Friday 5 April 2013

Gone Fishing and Lamb update

Hello All
I've been extremely busy over the last couple of days and am about to set off for Cornwall for a spot of sea fishing (D. not me, I'll be gossiping with my friend) until Sunday. Which means that I am being neglectful of my blog. Sorry !!
Update on the lambs is not as good as I would like it to be. They are still weakish and not drinking too well. Three of them are scouring still, so I have fetched some medication from the vet and hope that will help them hold on. This means that my youngest daughter who, bless her, takes over from us when we go away, has to give the little mites their injections, as well as five bottles a day and all the other care they need. Add this to looking after 40 plus hens, 6 pregnant rabbits, a cat and a parrot and you can appreciate just what she does for us. Oh yes! and her latest foster dog is to be spayed today before placement in a forever home, so YD will be nursing her too!
The Challenge is going well. We went out for a meal at a friends last night, so I put aside a meal that I would have eaten so that I stayed on track theoretically !
 Will do a rundown of the menus when I get back. Need to get everything ready for the journey and YD now

See you after the weekend
Sun is shining, but still bitterly cold here


  1. Enjoy your break and try not to worry about things back home. I hope you have lovely blue skies and dry weather.

  2. Fresh caught fish - wonderful - you guys certainly get around and seem to have boundless energy.
    Hope the lambs improve , I dont know much about livestock and am not really a country woman like you. I would love to keep hens though but the ordinance forbids it.
    Look forward to pictures on your return.