Tuesday 11 February 2014

More advice for wives and other stuff

Hello from Muddy Derbyshire!
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I seem to have lost a follower,  hope I didn't insult someone out there!

I am starting with some more good advice for housewives - This time from Good Housekeeping 1960 and gives advice to women on how to maintain their husbands -
"Don't ever darn his socks with wool of a different colour. You may think no one will see inside his shoes but he, the poor man, will think that everybody can see his toes and it will give him an inferiority complex"

"If dinner is late, don't flap or worry. But do lay the table. It will fill him with pleasurable anticipation"

"The lawn needs mowing. That shelf in the kitchen demands fixing and there's a tap in the bathroom that's been dripping for weeks. Your husband just sits there, doing nothing. Don't nag him. Remember that, as someone once said: "Half a loafer is better than no breadwinner"

So there you are. I recognise so much of the advice and the attention to keeping a man happy and a household harmonious. My mother could have written this article and, in truth, some of the advice is about maintaining ANY relationship.

The family were here for tea on Sunday, as is usual for us. Everyone was STARVING and ready for their meal. However, as in the advice above, dinner was late. Did I lay the table to "fill them with pleasurable anticipation" ? Errr No. They already had that from the smell of the leg of lamb that was roasting! So, out with the Scrabble, YGD latest craze after I bought her her own set for Christmas.
Here are the G'Daughters working as a team, against grandad and ED

The hens are really fed up with this weather. Here they are trying to push their way into the kitchen, where it is warm and dry. To the fore is Hugh, our Buff Orpington Cockerel. He is a lovely bird. As you can see there are a few upcoming cockerels behind him. There are enough hens for everyone and so there is no fighting. The only time that Hugh faces up to anyone is if hens fight and then he goes between them to keep the peace. Hugh is five years old now, but still has plenty of lead left in his pencil!

I said I would put a picture up of the open fire we are going to replace with a log burner. it looks a bit grotty in the photo, doesn't it? The wood being burnt here is willow from our field. The good thing about willow is that the branches are just right for fires and so don't need splitting. (If you are reading this Ken and Pam, I have replied to your questions about our willows in the comments of my last post)
 We have had rain followed by snow today. I can see that the snow has settled on the hill above us. A friend has just called and tells us that the snow is bad in the Peak District. More rain and  very high winds expected tomorrow. Goodness knows what D. will do with the Shared Lives Guys today, with this weather!
We were suppose to be going to Looe for a spot of Sea fishing this weekend. I guess we won't be going now, but will ensure that we support the West Country when it gets back on its feet. Frugal Queen has done a good post today telling people of all the great events to be staged this year in Cornwall. She asks for people to link her post to their Facebook page etc, which I have happily done. If you want to support the West Country please go to her page and follow the links.

Just sent D. off to sharpen my filleting knives. I shall stay in and cook today as it is so foul outside. I have taken a full shoulder of lamb out of the freezer and will bone it for 1. A casserole and  2 a rolled and stuffed joint.
We had some Sainsburys "cooking" bacon last night. For £1.10 there were three, really thick bacon chops. I cooked all three and put one aside for a quiche ( case made last week and frozen)  as we now have eggs too.
All for now Frugellers
Keep safe


  1. The half a loafer comment did make me laugh. Twiglet got a scrabble set for Christmas, too we've had some good games. Keep cosy.
    Twiggy xxx

  2. Those bacon packs are a real bargain, I aim to have a couple in the freezer at all times. The last chop that I used made a bacon roly poly, which went into a roly poly Pam.

  3. Snow! I'm so jealous, I love snow! We play scrabble here but hubby doesn't allow for young children so they get a bit bored when he uses big words and always wins!

  4. Love the pick of Hugh and the hens ..

  5. My husband totally agreed with the advice until he was told to behave himself!!! Please can you keep the snow, I hate it, especially having to drive to work in it. I too use Sainsbury's cooking bacon, it is such a bargain. There are normally at least a couple of really thick rashers that hubby use as gammon steaks. xxxx

  6. Love your excepts from bygone days. I have stacks of vintage women's mags i must get them out and read the articles to find out where I've gone wrong with my dh these past 30 years. Think it might be a bit late to do anything about it now. I get savers bacon packs from morrisons. They used to have full rashers in but now just have chopped bits. I buy gammon steaks from farmfoods instead now. Lets hope we all get some drier weather soon.

  7. Do hope you enjoy your log burner. We have had one for the last two years and find it incredibly economical, especially as we always seem to have branches brought down by the wind on our land somewhere - last year a whole alder fell in a gale and we are still using that.

  8. Scrabble is a favourite here too :)
    Love the hen photo, you look like you are under siege!

  9. What a thoroughly great blog. There are certain types of folk who thing handing out such solid and traditional advice is not good for modern women, but It's useful info so therefore I give it top marks. A proper Derbyshire approach.

  10. What a thoroughly great blog. There are certain types of folk who thing handing out such solid and traditional advice is not good for modern women, but It's useful info so therefore I give it top marks. A proper Derbyshire approach.

  11. What a thoroughly great blog. There are certain types of folk who thing handing out such solid and traditional advice is not good for modern women, but It's useful info so therefore I give it top marks. A proper Derbyshire approach.


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