Sunday 2 February 2014

Advice for those that sew

Hello All  -   and especially to new follower Carla.
And also to you quilters and sewers, or is it sowers? which is pleasanter than sounding like a conduit for foul water! You know who you are (and if the cap fits)
Just in case you haven't seen this in social-site-land I thought I would share this good advice for any good, dutiful wives that might be reading this blog.
Those who know me will realise that this is my mantra for living. Rarely am I seen mucking out the chickens without my make-up. On returning to the house after turning the compost heap I like to freshen up with a dab of powder to my nose. It is important to me that I look "neatly put together" as I would so hate to upset my dear husband's sensibilities or indeed drive him away! You should see me dash to take out my curlers before putting on my crisp apron and warming his slippers.


A friend bought me a "Good Housekeeping" Annual for 1960 which has some good advice too...There is an article entitled "The Care and Maintenance of Husbands"  which I really must study to ensure that I "maintain" the husband that I have had for 48 years this month. I'm sure you all have some good (retro!) advice to share. I'd love to hear it !

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  1. and very good advice it is !!
    I have been sewing for most of the day and I am afraid I do not look 'put together properly' and the breakfast dishes are still in the bowl lol........if it bothers visitors, they are welcome to wash them


  2. I don't think I've ever been neatly put together in my life - Oh dear, I feel I am a failure!

  3. have got a pattern and article of my MIL's from 1945 ish. It advises that the little woman can easily run this little number up by hand inbetween all the preparations for Christmas. This little number is full of tucks and darts, fitted sleeves and collar not to mention a dainty bit of shirring across the bust. When hell freezes over!

  4. I don;t want to be a sewer, that's a drain LOL I prefer stitcher :-D

  5. Very funny! "Neat" is not a word which springs to mind when I look in the mirror...and as for the "urgent household chores"!

  6. Well I wish someone would 'maintain' my husband ... I think he may be in need of a good oiling.
    As for being 'neatly put together' ... never in a month of sundays .. more like wild woman of borneo most days!

  7. I may be able to sew in another life. I've always got ironing in the basket to do. (I hate it with a passion) and there are not enough hours in the day to keep up with the rest of the chores. Sigh....

  8. Now I understand why Lady Magnon doesn't sew!

  9. When I sew I end up liberally festooned with little bits of cotton, slicers of fabric and cotton dust and fluff from cleaning off the machine. This means that I tend to wear a cobbled together outfit of whatever needs a final wearing before a trip through the washing machine. I am more Wurzel Gummidge than Dolly Clothes Peg.

  10. Glad I wasn't born then, I don't think I would have ever attracted a man to marry me!!

  11. Thanks for all your comments. I am shocked that your standards have been allowed to slip to such a level that your husbands may be tempted to stray or be ashamed of you.
    tut tut

  12. Cripes, THAT'S where I've been going wrong with my new sewing machine! I knew it would be something simple. I'd thought it was lack of ability and here all the time it was my tatty rig up and groaning dishwasher needing emptied. Fab, I'm so glad I've got that sorted.

    I love these old 'pearls of wisdom' but cannot work out how women didn't just take these books and wallop the authors in a neat and attractive manner!