Monday 16 December 2013

Bean sorting

Back to some sort of normality here, whatever that is.
Santa duties finished for the year and Adam's last visit before the new year. YD was doing a home visit for the Labrador rescue she volunteers with, it was quite a distance away and Adam went with her for the ride, so we were able to slope off and do the Ho Ho Ho stuff. Normally we can take him with us, but we weren't able to this time. So, non the wiser, he had a great time. When they got back he set  to work on the bean sorting.
Here he is, almost finished.
I finished another present this morning, so I gradually getting there, but gosh I'm slow!
I hens have obliged with a few eggs this weekend so i will make the Pavlova for Chritmas tea later and freeze it... another job done then.
 Off to town now. I must buy some crackers while I am there for us to pull at lunchtime tomorrow. It is our "Staff Christmas Lunch" with our other Shared Lives guys and a couple of friends who help us each Tuesday.


  1. Hi Adam! (waves) you did a good job there with the beans. You must be very patient to sort through that lot! :-)

    1. I told him that you has sent a message. he was thrilled ! He wants to know if you have decorated your tree yet?!
      Whenever he comes he always asks if there is a picture of him on the computer (meaning the blog)

  2. A job well done, I would have been in my element doing that. Even more so if it was buttons rather than beans!

    1. He did the button tin earlier in the year.. the brighter colours anyway! Next time he is going to sort the toggles and buckles out.. so he tells me!
      These are very therapeutic jobs aren't they?